Sunday, March 24, 2013

Lindsay Lohan -- Still Drinking, Despite Rehab Sentence |

TMZ won't let me comment on their to hell with them. I'll comment on my own site. This girl is in a bad place, but not so bad that I haven't been there already. Anyone who hasn't been 28 and thought the world wasn't at their feet is lying, and add millions (even if it's on bank statements only) is a nut. So, here's what I was trying to say to TMZ when they decided my comment was just too much to take. Give me a damned break.

Since the TMZ staff member who wrote this article is afraid to report under their own name, maybe they'd like to talk about their drinking at the age of 26, or 25 when this was all taking place. I'll be happy to tell you where I was. Drunk. Every night. Caught and paid the price. But, lucky me, I wasn't an actress. And, apparently, neither are you. If TMZ wants a real reporter willing to report about the realities of people the age of Lindsay and her peers, give me a call. Otherwise, shut the hell up. She makes a lot of mistakes, but rarely are they life threatening. Just frigging stupid. She needs friends, not court. How often do you hear about a dude in the similar situation? Do you seriously think there ISN'T a dude in the same situation? Damn.

Lindsay Lohan -- Still Drinking, Despite Rehab Sentence |

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