Sunday, January 12, 2014

Game of Thrones Season 4 Trailer! The War is Not Won

Image courtesy HBO

Joffrey is living in a little dream world where he has won the war, but his uncle knows better. Jaime seems to have healed nicely. Tyrion knows there is not justice to be found.

It's tempting to see your enemies as evil, but there is good and evil on both sides.

There is only one hell, the one we live in now.

So many great lines. So many lovely faces.

The trailer? Epic.

Dare I say this trailer outdoes all trailers before it in intensity and beauty. The way it shines is simply amazing.

April 6th cannot come soon enough. Certainly not soon enough for me to complete all of the available books in the series (ahem).

Thursday, January 9, 2014

A&E's Pittsburgh drama "Those Who Kill" Premiering in March

Let's be honest. I wanted to visit the set and poke around. A&E didn't get back to me. That kind of stinks. They were right down the street for goodness sakes. Oh well. I still wish them all the best with the show.

[via Press Release]



Pasadena, CA – January 9, 2014 – A&E Network will premiere the new original scripted series “Those Who Kill” on Monday, March 3 at 10 PM ET/PT. The suspenseful drama stars Academy Award-nominated and Golden Globe-winning actress Chloë Sevigny (“Big Love,” Boys Don’t Cry) and James D’Arcy ( Hitchcock, Cloud Atlas). Based on the Danish crime series format inspired by the bestselling work of author Elsebeth Egholm, the thrilling drama follows Catherine Jensen (Sevigny), a recently promoted homicide detective who tracks down serial killers and relentlessly seeks the truth behind the disappearance of her brother. Pittsburgh serves as the picturesque backdrop for the ten-episode serialized drama.

“Glen Morgan and the incredible team behind the ‘Those Who Kill’ have crafted a captivating drama that we’re thrilled to add to our slate of original scripted series,” said David McKillop, Executive Vice President and General Manager of A&E Network. “As the story unfolds, these damaged yet good-intentioned characters are brought to life by the talented cast.”

As a freshly minted homicide detective, Catherine Jensen has garnered a reputation for overstepping her boundaries in her unrelenting pursuit to solve Pittsburgh’s most gruesome murders.Motivated by her past, including the disappearance of her brother and the suspicion that her stepfather is a serial killer, she often finds herself emotionally connected to the victims she’s investigating.Jensen enlists the help of Thomas Schaeffer (D’Arcy), a forensic psychologist who has a tumultuous relationship with the police department, to provide insight into her cases and her personal investigation into her stepfather. He too finds himself deeply connected to each case, but often through the killer, which proves to be a hazardous undertaking.The pair shares a skewed sense of judgment that often puts them, and sometimes even their families, at risk.As these two captivating yet flawed characters come together, their bond often rescues them from their individual demons but may be the source of more harmful tribulations.

“Those Who Kill” is produced by Imagine Television (“24,” “Friday Night Lights”) and Fox 21 (“Homeland,” “Sons of Anarchy”).Brian Grazer and Francie Calfo are executive producers for Imagine Television. Glen Morgan (“The X-Files,” “Millennium”) wrote the pilot episode and also serves as executive producer/showrunner. David Petrarca serves as executive producer and directs several episodes.Peter Bose and Jonas Allen are executive producers for Miso Films.

About A&E Network
Now reaching 100 million homes, A&E is the home to 100% original content that inspires and challenges audiences to BE ORIGINAL.  A&E offers a diverse mix of high quality, uniquely immersive entertainment ranging from the network’s original scripted series, including “Bates Motel,” “Longmire” and “Those Who Kill,” to signature non-fiction franchises, including “Duck Dynasty,” “Beyond Scared Straight” and “Storage Wars.”  The A&E website is located at  Follow us on Twitter at and Facebook at  For more press information and photography please visit us at

Monday, January 6, 2014

Craig Robinson finally gets that NBC pilot deal to series

Image: This Is The End capture
Everybody keeps saying The Office star Craig Robinson is getting his moment in the sun a year after NBC ordered a comedy to pilot, but if you've seen This Is The End, then you know there was no way NBC could let the deal linger much longer without losing him.

If you've watched This Is The End once, then I suggest you watch it again. Hell, watch it three times. You'll be left wondering which star is the star because each actor brings so much to the production. Craig, in particular, delivers some of the funniest moments.

It's not very often you see a grown man dragging a six-foot statue of a penis across the room to use in an attempt to barricade themselves into James Franco's house as they await the end of the world but Robinson's mumbling about the penis makes the scene one you need to see many times, not to appreciate it, but because you won't stop laughing.

Now I'm not saying that we're going to see him dragging penises, talking about drinking pee to survive or any of the other hysterical things he did as he played an over-the-top version of himself with his pals in This Is The End, but we can hope that as a musician to gets a job as a middle school teacher in the titular Mr. Robinson we'll be treated to another version of his irresistible humor.

Brothers Mark and Rob Cullen have just joined the 6 episode series order as executive producers, after their fall endeavor at ABC, Back in the Game, failed to score for the duo. Here's hoping they have better luck along side fellow EPs Howard Klein and Mark Schulman.

'Mystery Girls' to reunite Jennie Garth and Tori Spelling on ABC Family

Image: ABC Family
Alright, I heard about Mystery Girls a while back and I wasn't too excited about it. But after watching Jennie Garth in a plethora of holiday specials this year, dammit -- I'm in really looking forward to seeing these two gals back in action again!

I'd be lying if I said it wouldn't be ridiculously cool to find out they were going to invite Shannen Doherty and Tiffani Amber Thiessen along for some of their cases, because the more Beverly Hills 90210 alumni the merrier.

According to the official release, Mystery Girls will be about two former TV starlets who played detectives brought together again by a real life mystery. Garth plays Charlie Contour (what a name!) a suburban housewife and mother and Tori Spelling plays Holly Hamilton who longs for the glory days of the '90s when she was on television (sounds familiar).

The duo will be joined by newcomer Miguel Pinzon who plays Nick, a true fan of their show which was aptly titled "Mystery Girls" and when he witnesses a crime, the only people he will speak with are the ones he thinks best for the job -- the fake gals he watched on TV. Only in Hollywood, right?

Charlie and Holly will have to find out if they learned any real investigative skills while playing detectives on TV and they'll make us laugh and be generally happy that they're back on our televisions in the process.

From where I stand, it's a win-win. I still have absolutely no idea what slate of programming ABC Family is trying to put together as it casts such a wide net, but I can't seem to turn my head away, so whatever it is, it's working.

Will you be tuning into Mystery Girls? My hand is raised!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

What am I watching in 2014?

That's the question, isn't it?

Of course, I'm most excited about anything supernatural or life-threatening so those entries will hit the list both old and new. Let's take a look. If I'm covering the show at another site, I'll let you know where to find my coverage.

Coverage means different things for different sites. The only reviews I'll be doing at SheKnows are for Pretty Little Liars and Ravenswood. The others are all news, previews and editorials. Check out the About Me page for specifics.

Any shows I don't cover elsewhere, I'll likely start covering here. Time to stop slacking!

You'll notice there's a real problem with things as we get toward the end of the week. I have an overabundance of incredible programming on Sundays and Mondays and then books become warranted as the week wears on. No, not books. Foreign programming. I'll do another post with the foreign shows I've taken a liking to, because it's worth it. They're not necessarily easy to find, but where there's a will, there's a way!

Image: HBO


The Good Wife (TV Fanatic)
Downton Abbey (TV Fanatic)
True Detective (SheKnows) -- I'm very excited for this one. It's much different from what I've seen than I expected. A character study of the detectives rather than a murder mystery and really works.
The Walking Dead -- Although I have no idea why I continue to watch such drivel.Honestly? It's the poster. It's reeled me in with Carl in the forefront. That kid kicks ass.
Game of Thrones

Image: Syfy


Teen Wolf (TV Fanatic)
Switched at Birth (TV Fanatic)
Being Human (TV Fanatic)
Sleepy Hollow (TV Fanatic)
Beauty and the Beast (TV Fanatic)
Almost Human
The Blacklist (SheKnows)
Dallas (SheKnows)
Bates Motel (SheKnows)

Image: The CW


Pretty Little Liars (SheKnows)
Ravenswood (SheKnows)
Brooklyn Nine-Nine (SheKnows)
The Goldbergs
Killer Women -- Who doesn't love Tricia Helfer??
Chicago Fire
Rizzoli & Isles

Image: The CW


Arrow (TV Fanatic)
Chicago PD
American Horror Story: Coven
The 100
The Americans (SheKnows)

Image: NBC


Parenthood (TV Fanatic)
Parks and Recreation (SheKnows)
Vampire Diaries

Image: Syfy


Helix - This looks like nonstop fun to me. Cannot wait!!

Image: BBCA


Black Sails (SheKnows)
Orphan Black (SheKnows)