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Year to Year Ratings: Changes 666 Park Avenue vs Pan Am - THIS MAKES ME HAPPY

 "-15.79% - 666 Park Avenue (vs. Pan Am)"

Yep. It's the little things that make me happy. Pan Am was a great show and nobody can convince me otherwise. It had a lovely setting, superb acting, convincing character development and compelling stories. Yet it was cancelled after 13 episodes. Don't be surprised when I am doing the happy dance upon the grave of 666 Park Avenue.

It was a very small consolation that Pan Am had a very fitting and rewarding final episode as they rang in the new year of 1964. One year (and a half!) before I was born. I could have happily watched Pan Am for seasons to come, but ABC thought they could do better. Nice gambles were taken first on GCB (which suffered the title curse, but I otherwise enjoyed immensely) and now 666. The latter certainly fits the bill, doesn't it?

If you want to relive just how much I loved Pan Am, revist my reviews at TV Fanatic. You can do that right HERE.

Ratings - Sunday's Broadcast Ratings: FOX, NBC Share Top Honors with World Series, NFL |

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Private Practice Preempted Tonight!

This is just for your information -

Private Practice will be pre-empted tonight due to A Special Edition of 20/20 (The Perfect Storm)

Feel free to watch a show on another network, such as Vegas on CBS or whatever NBC is airing in the place Parenthood. ;-)

Another helpful tip from ModwildTV!

TEASE: Spoiler! Who Dies on The Walking Dead 3.04 "Killer Within" TVOvermind

It says spoiler for a reason, and my friend Jon ain't playin' games kids. I'm not going to ruin his Halloween fun by taking away his moment in the sun, but wanted to put a barrier between you Dead Heads and what lies ahead just to make sure you don't come back and bit me in the ass saying I didn't give you plenty of notice of what's to come. Because what's to come is GREAT BIG GIANT NEWS delivered in very plain words.

Mark mine, heed my warning. Be all scared because it's Halloween. Then, if it gets the better of you as it did me,  get your ass over to this link and read the article to see what all the fuss will be about on Sunday night. Play guess the ratings. THAT should be fun!

Spoiler! Who Dies on The Walking Dead 3.04 "Killer Within" TVOvermind:

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Revolution: Blah Blah Bad Guy Blah

When the world falls apart, the general outlook is that we will have a never ending supply of ordinary, misogynistic bad guys at our disposal. They won't have much to offer other than annoyances and wasted time while we trek on our way toward some important mission in the hope of saving the world. At least that's what I've come to expect by watching Revolution.

These baddies share so many similar traits that it's not only difficult to tell them apart, I don't really want to take the time to differentiate them or learn their names. The only multi-faceted character on the wrong side of the law is the leader, and I'm not so sure he isn't actually a good guy, and the jackasses under him completely misunderstand the mission.

I don't really have a lot to say on the episode, because it played out like so many before it. What I do wonder is this: Where is the influence of Eric Kripke? Through at least six seasons of Supernatural he managed to keep the good guys ticking with a hint of evil and the bad guys alive with their touch of merit. Sure, every once in a while someone would pop up that was just despicable, but overall characterization ruled. The subtle nuances that kept the world gray was what made the show (and continues to this day) so damned interesting.

Revolution doesn't have enough gray. Aaron is so good that when he asks to be shot, he deserves it. I honestly don't know if he was being heroic by shooting himself or if he just plum forgot about the flask. He's always so sure he's useless that he is particularly just that. He even left his wife for lack of guts.Eric Kripke doesn't write characters like that. At least he didn't on that other show.

So what gives? Is this a show for simpletons? Are we to believe that if the characters were deeply cut and made complex choices that the regular network viewer wouldn't be able to follow along? Snippets of Monroe, the amulets, working computers, what caused the blackout, Rachel and how she ended up with Monroe....there is hope for a more interesting tale here.

I may be completely off base and missing the very thing that I think makes this show for the thick-skulled. My skull could be too thick to understand the more sophisticated threads holding Revolution together. If that's the case, please tell me about them. With sincerity, I want to know what I'm missing. With one of the shows I was most anticipating, I'm not yet ready to give up, but I wish the stories were a bit deeper as our intrepid survivors make their way to Monroe.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Homeland: Who Was Issa?

Yeah, that question could have been what tripped him up. But despite his pointed face-aimed exclamations at the camera that Carrie was a nut-ball, he had just a little trouble holding back his O-face when Peter opened his super-duper tuff laptop (every notice as soon as we little people go for the super slim lightweight crap, the spies go for the hearty, can't break if you toss it crap?) and started playing the video Saul discovered. Uh oh.

Did Peter have the stuff to interrogate Brody? Oh yeah. And more. He broke him, got information on Issa, made him cry and then impaled his hand on the table with a pocket knife. Check this scream out to see if you think Brody was faking the pain.


I wish I felt sorry for him, even a little bit, like because he was in a war we shouldn't have been in or he was captured and tortured, but I didn't. He betrayed his country, so he betrayed us. U.S. No matter the fact that it's pretend, I still don't want any U.S. soldier betraying my country, no matter how much I want to scream to the rafters that it's a bunch of crap and we deserve better. I'd like to think I wouldn't (I doubt that to be true...note I only said I'd like to think I wouldn't betray my people).

That's why I have so much respect for the character of Carrie. Even with everything she's been through, she keeps fighting for what she believes is right. Her country kind of betrayed her by not believing in her and tossing her into a nuthouse, but her foundation remained true. That's amazing.

How she questioned Brody about the suicide tape, and if it was tossed in the trash how it possibly ended up in a Hezbollah's commuter's house in Beirut. To think, we always thought our trash floated out to sea. See how wrong we were?!

"I know that you think that he was kind to you, that he saved you. But the truth is, he systematically pulled you apart, Brody piece by piece, until there was nothing left but pain. And then he relieved the pain and he put you back together again as someone else. He gave you a boy to love, and then that other monster, Walden, took that boy away. Between the two of them, they made your life a misery. Wouldn't it be a relief to stop lying?"

Was that not one of the most inspired pieces of writing we've heard on Homeland? Followed by her proclamation of love to Brody, and telling him he was a good man, only to have him repeat, again, that he wasn't wearing a vest. I would love to see flashbacks to the scenes that finally turned Brody against his country. What he underwent must have been absolutely atrocious.

But Carrie? She was beyond good. If she wasn't bipolar, and we didn't see her fall apart and get treatments, I'd wonder whether she was telling the truth when she spoke with Brody. The way she could go from tears back to actively questioning Brody, and getting answers was simply amazing. Claire Danes and Damian Lewis knocked that scene so far out of the park they would have beaten the Giants four game sweep. SHUT UP!

Last week it was my belief that Brody would end up right back where he started. As a spy for the other side.  If he actually goes through with it, he's back on our side, spying on Nazir in return for immunity against the charges and guaranteed prison sentence for his traitorism. If he thought the stakes were high being a spy against his own country, trying to fool the likes of Nazir, a man who doesn't give second chances, will be a damned nightmare. He's going to have to tread very lightly and carry a very big stick to make this work.

Given the touch from Brody at Carrie's suggestion they use their "affair" as cover with his Nazir contact, that cover won't take long to be more than a mere cover. Where will that leave Brody and Jess? She always gets the short end of that very big stick.

In last week's TV Fanatic Round Table, a question was which boy was better for Dana. My answer was that the boys better run as far as they can from Dana. Seems I was right again. Her desire for "a little fun" ended with Finn mowing down someone on a deserted street. That should play out well, right?

PS - Carrie, just pour more wine into that big glass and you won't have to tip the bottle so many times. Just another helpful hint from ModwildTV!

Walking Dead - How's About A Hug for Old Merle?

I haven't even finished watching The Walking Dead yet (duh, you can see where I am from the awesome screen capture above), but I just had to ask...was I the only one who thought this was a groovy little nod to none other than Ash from Evil Dead?? What the hell else would Merle do with his stumpy arm? Create a lovely little Zombie killing machine, of course! Ahhh...Such lovely memories.

What is up with Andrea? Before she was lost and left for dead, she was kind of becoming a hard ass, but now she's become a little soft. She fainted at seeing Merle? That just seemed out of character to me. Well, at least the Andrea I knew way back when. This new Andrea who is taken care of by Michonne, much like the pet zombies Michonne is so fond of (until they need their heads chopped off) is completely new to me. I found it interesting how Michonne and Andrea seemed to switch power positions once inside Woodbury. Michonne was completely at odds inside of a structured society, whereas Andrea began to find herself again. 

Speaking of those pet zombies, what did I miss while I was multitasking (yes, I'm guilty of doing that while watching show and then having the nerve to blabber about them on the interweb...but only when I'm not being paid!)? Why were they chained up and dragged along anyway? Did they somehow keep other zombies away? As usual, I'm one of the freaks that felt sorry for them. Armless, jawless, useless, bumbling creatures who unwittingly ended up in that shitty position just because they died.  They crap of it is everyone who dies will end up one with some sort of effective method of death to keep them from coming back to life.

Who decided a town leader should be called The Governor? Not Mayor or official or any other number of things that would be more fitting than what was deemed appropriate for an entire state in the not-so-distant past. Call me crazy, but I'm a sucker for tradition. 

Who the hell was the guy, anyway? (Andrea's gonna find out from his dogtags, I just know it!) What made him kill everyone connected to Wells? Was it to ensure nobody would track them to Woodbury? I guess a part of their survival is their anonymity. If they aren't ghosts, they're likely to be infected. The track record so far spoke pretty highly of his unorthodox methods, even if it meant killing living people when there are so few left in the world (at least as far as we can see...across the ocean? Who knows? Or do we, and I missed THAT multitasking, too??) I do know one thing. Lying to your constituents is never a good thing, and it will come back to bit him in the ass. Maybe quite literally.

Showing up on a second Sunday night hit show (this one by far the more successful) was Dallas Roberts as Milton, who seems to be doing experiments on the zombies in Woodbury. His other Sunday gig is as Owen Cavanaugh, Alicia Florrick's brother on The Good Wife. Too bad he hasn't been the guest star this season instead of Kalinda's annoying husband. But, wrong show. Kudos for snatching a role on the devastatingly successful The Walking Dead instead. Bravo!

The introduction of Woodbury gave me a distinctive Jericho feel. Was it filmed on the same lot with only a minor restructure, or am I thirsting (no pun intended) so much for a revival of that show that I'll grasp at any straw for a nice long schlurp? The streets were wider, but that vibe...

As for The Governor's Halloween display in his apartment? Nice. He goes all out for the holiday, doesn't he?

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Me and Mrs. Jones on BBC1 - Worth a Look?

When I saw that Sarah Alexander, a favorite from the brilliant series Coupling was heading up a new comedy project in the vein of Cougar Town, I couldn't wait to see it. Before I had a chance to see even a minute of the premiere, I was told to lower my expectations. That did not make me happy.

Here's what I think so far. I like Gemma. She got me in the first episode when she was attempting to put on a dress and said to her friend, "I'm confused." Not because I would ever attempt to put on a dress like that, but because I collect dolls and can't even manage to get the damn things onto artificial people let alone myself. Styles have come a long way since I was jamming myself into them!

Gemma's ex-husband, Jason, has somehow managed to score a super hot young girlfriend. He has the worst bangs (fringe) I've ever seen on a man. His lady friend reminds me of an older, stupider Phoebe Tonkin. That's just not right. Nothing he has accomplished through episode two has helped me to understand how he scored Gemma and had three children, let alone Inca.

Gemma has a suitor named Tom who, to put it politely, has odd attractions. On their first date he mentions her marmite mustaches (she could NEVER bleach her upper lip and not be considered to have even a mild shadow) and lovely teeth. What the hell? He seems to be the catch of the school yard, although Jason and Tom himself generally consider him a knob. If he didn't look so much like Ciaran Hinds he'd be insufferable, but that's his one saving grace.

Finally, Gemma's son arrived home from a trip abroad four months ahead of schedule bringing with him his buddy, Billy. Billy is played by none other than Robert Sheehan of Misfits fame. Once he left Misfits I left with him. He has that something. Something about him that refuses to allow you to avert your eyes. As he gently falls for Gemma, he is everything you would have wanted him to be in his most vulnerable Misfits moments as Nathan. Irresistible. 

Bottom line? Not the best show, but as a woman over 40, the prospect of having a Billy in my life is more than enough to keep me tuning in. Shallow? Sure. But haven't there been enough shows about men in the same circumstances to alleviate my embarrassment? 

Plus, I like that it isn't afraid to allow Gemma to be the "cougar" that Jules wasn't allowed to be in Cougar Town. All that fuss over a title. It's just sex. Men do it all the time. It's time a woman gets a choice, too. Whether she chooses the young man is beside the point. That the choice takes more than one episode is what's intriguing

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Birds | 2012 Starz Denver Film Festival | Alfred Hitchcock | USA

I just bought tickets to this. If you read my post on The Girl, then you know how extraordinarily excited I am about the event in general, as well as the timing of of it. Hurray!!

The Birds 
Presented By The Watching Hour

USA, 1963, 119 Minute Running Time
Programs: Contemporary World CinemaThe Watching Hour
Language: English
DIRECTOR: Alfred Hitchcock
Producer: Alfred Hitchcock
Editor: George Tomasini
Screenwriter: Evan Hunter
Cinematographer: Robert Burks
Principal Cast: Tippi Hedren, Suzanne Pleshette, Rod Taylor, Jessica Tandy, Veronica Cartwright
Primarily known for her roles in Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds and Marnie, Tippi Hedren is a true Hollywood legend. Hitchcock discovered her in a television commercial for Sego, a diet drink. She was the very essence of the sophisticated, self-assured, cool-blonde sex appeal that made many of Hitchcock’s leading ladies famous.

Ms. Hedren has since appeared in nearly 50 films, and she makes cameo appearances in two new feature presentations during the festival—Free Samples andJayne Mansfield’s Car. In addition, we are proud to present a special screening of theThe Birds, where Ms. Hedren will be presented with the Mayor’s Award for Career Achievement.

Join us in welcoming Tippi Hedren to the 35th Starz Denver Film Festival—it doesn’t get any better than this! 
The Birds (Presented by The Watching Hour) | 2012 Starz Denver Film Festival | Alfred Hitchcock | USA:

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Monday, October 22, 2012

Homeland - Thoughts on Bury the Hatchet

When a television show refuses to play by the rules, we get the ultimate in entertainment. On a night when we had one character literally burying a hatchet (Rick Grimes on The Walking Dead), we had the arrogant Nick Brody trying to do the same with our battered heroine Carrie on Homeland. Poor Brody never knew what hit him.

On another program, we'd still be fighting through the damage done to Carrie's reputation by her breakdown last season when she was caught being bipolar. Like she had committed the worst of the two crimes, mental illness got her locked up with bi-weekly ECT treatments, while domestic terrorist Nicholas Brody was acclaimed and made congressman. Too bad we can't just toss it off with an "only on television" remark. Somehow, I'd venture to guess this would be more than likely the way it would go down in real life.

In these times of political correctness, it's more of a sin to label someone as a terrorist than it is to out someone's medical history, even when the government has put into law HIPAA to ensure privacy for all healthcare matters. She's a nutter! Good God, working for our government? Lock 'er up!

Mr. Brody is being accused of terrorism? Our damned government. Always with the allegations! He has the right to ..... ack. Whatever. 

The brilliant part of what happened was we weren't subjected to overdrawn episodes forcing what happened to Carrie down our throats, and once she came back to us, she was strong and certain of what needed to be done. Not about to let what happened previously recur, she ignored all advice to the contrary and outed Brody when she felt he made her during their meeting.

The facial expressions that flooded Brody during that confrontation were so telling. He wanted to be angry, but he knew he was caught. He looked around the room, wondering who else was listening and what they had heard. Before he had a chance to even register an answer to one of his questions, the door slammed open, he was thrust to the floor and his head was bagged.

Ordinarily, I'd wonder where in the hell this would lead, but I foresee Brody right back where he started. Forced to decide on what side he wants to work. Where his loyalties lie and for whom he wants to stand. Once he was talked into turning on his country. Will he be as easily turned on his new allegiance to Abu Nazir? Will the fate of his own family do as much to shape his future as did the fate of Issa? 

That's just my guess on a possible path to investigate. As Homeland has proven, they have plenty of tricks up their sleeves and guessing is just that. But damn it's entertaining and a great task for the brain.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

AMC and Dish Reach a Deal! #DishNetwork #AMC

I watched The Walking Dead live, during the second airing, tonight. Yes, that's right! AMC and Dish Network have put aside their differences and come to a peace accord. Not just that, but as the show went on it was even in HD!

I don't know if it was the phenomenal ratings The Walking Dead brought in last week that finally made Dish Network realize just how highly regarded the channel was by viewers or if they had been diligently at work behind the scenes without our knowing about it, but I am a happy customer.

Thanks to both networks for working it out, and thanks for putting the first episode of The Walking Dead On Demand for those that missed it.

That is all. Sometimes I just want to express my appreciation and make no political statement whatsoever.

The Girl - My Thoughts as A Fan of The Birds

I'm not writing about The Girl as a fan of Hitchcock, per se, or Tippi Hedren, or as an advocate or what he said or she said. The Birds has been, since my very first viewing, one of my all time favorite movies. The three ingredients that made it so were, in order, Tippi Hedren, Rod Taylor and the birds. 

There was something so feminine and yet so strong about Tippi Hedren. I adored the way she spoke, the way she moved and swung her legs out of her little sports car. She was all the things I wished I could be. Critics of The Girl have said she was a mediocre actress, pointing to Sienna Miller's correct portrayal of her wooden performance. I'd like to consider it understated and sly. 

As a fan of the movie, knowing what Tippi went through to accomplish those scenes, especially the attic scene, brings tears to my eyes. Why Hitchcock did it is beside the point. That he did it and that she suffered through it and gamely finished the film is what intrigues me. Would today's actresses do the same? I'm not so sure.

We have no way to know if what was portrayed as the relationship between Hitch and Tippi was true, but Tippi hasn't made a point of pointing fingers at him and blaming her lousy life on what she experienced. Quite the opposite, actually. She has noted that she was ashamed at how happy she felt when he died, and has learned not to carry a grudge. She's not supportive of a remake of The Birds because she can't imagine anyone can do a better job at it than Alfred Hitchcock. Essentially, she gives the devil his due. 

The Girl may have overstated and dramatically implicated Hitchcock in things he didn't do, or made Tippi look more put upon than she was, but I also enjoyed the nuances that Toby Jones brought to the character of Alfred Hitchcock. If he was using live birds to punish Tippi for spurning his advances, Toby used his eyes to show that Hitch took little pleasure in the results of his abuse. If nothing else, what I took away from The Girl was how very complicated the relationships were between the players, Hitch, his wife, Alma and Tippi. There were no real winners on the inside, but on the outside we were treated to The Birds which, despite knowing the agony that took place during filming, remains one of my favorites.  

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Ratings: 'Hunted' Remains Steady With 3.4 Million Viewers in UK via TVWise

This is good news indeed! Looking forward to seeing what the US Cinemax numbers add to the BBC1 mix, but it would appear that this news could be a good sign for renewal talks, that were started shortly after the dramatically higher premiere episode.

Hunted itself remains intriguing, but lost a little bit of it's jaw dropping tension with episode three. Having just tried to successfully complete a maze about a month ago, I do admit to being quite chilled at the prospect of being hunted down inside of one!

Sam had a map; I did not. She also had a gun. ;-)

Anxiously awaiting episode four!

Ratings: 'Hunted' Remains Steady With 3.4 Million Viewers, Wins 9pm Time-Slot:

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

'Revolution': Check out a map of North America 15 years after the blackout -- EXCLUSIVE | Inside TV |

Amazingly, I'm NOT living in the Wasteland of America. I could have sworn I was. Thanks, Revolution, for proving me wrong. Apparently I'm in the Plains Nation. Whatever the hell that is. How many years before we get to Denver? Or have I missed it when I've been snoozing? Cuz, yeah, I've not paid the greatest attention.

However, I don't think they could possibly move that quick, so I wonder who my president is. I'm voting Brody from Homeland. Sick bastard probably survived it all and headed straight to the plains since they were most like his adopted homeland. Or, maybe he's in the Wasteland.

I need to shut up now.

'Revolution': Check out a map of North America 15 years after the blackout -- EXCLUSIVE | Inside TV |

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Homeland Is Addictive! A Review of State of Independence.

I just can't be quiet about Homeland.

The "State of Independence" was simply spectacular. I have no deep analysis to give, but these are the standout moments for me.

When Jess and Brody finally started to make out and Brody's first reaction was to make it porn style, the way Jess changed the pace was authentic and intimate and almost made me feel as if I was intruding. It was the first time I've felt as though they may actually feel something for each other. That was a very hot scene and cutting it short so abruptly was such a let down! Given the actions from the remainder of the episode, that may be the last chance we had to see what they could have done together. What a shame.

I cannot believe Brody can continue his behavior, running around at the whims of Abu Nazir, forsaking the wishes of the current vice president to run through the woods snapping the necks of people he's attempting to protect for Nazir. He will have to be caught, and not just because the CIA is looking into him. He's a public figure now. How long until someone spots him some place he isn't supposed to be, and with unsavory company to boot? He's a war hero. His face has been plastered everywhere. I don't imagine anyone wouldn't recognize him. He's not being smart, and that's what could get him killed.

Carrie showed how easily a bipolar brain can be tipped based upon the actions of others. She went from riding high after finishing her report to a suicide attempt when they carried on the meeting based upon her findings without her, and gently reminded her that she wasn't getting her job back.

Of course, that was before Saul came back to town with the bombshell evidence. Why in the hell didn't Brody destroy that video? How is there a copy? What's funny is that not only did Brody manage to convince the CIA that one of their greatest agents was a complete nutter in accusing him of being a terrorist, he did the same to the viewers, many who came into season two still wondering whether he was or was not a domestic terrorist.

It's pretty clear now, isn't it? He's completely of the rails. The CIA will now have to suck lemons and admit Carrie back to the CIA. I doubt they will do it with the fanfare necessary to make me feel better about it, but she doesn't need reinforcement to jump back in head first. She is the job. She loves her country and will put her own life on the line every time if it means she might make a difference to the safety of our citizens.  She's so amazingly written, that you can't help but take her side.

Finally, Morena Baccarin stole the show. Not only during that uber sexy scene noted above, but at the dinner. She did, as Mike said, kick ass with her speech. She found some strength and pulled out a win. she also failed to back down when Brody showed up with his smart-ass comments at the end of the night. Now we know she doesn't believe Brody, and it will be interesting to see if she starts to keep a closer eye on his activities.

That's about it. That's a hell of a lot more good television than you get with 90% of the other programs on the tube, isn't it?

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Hunted..coming soon to Cinemax. Watch it!

The second episode of Hunted didn't do as well as the premiere on BBC1, but I hope the results pick up as the premiere nears here in the US.

There is something about Hunted that I really enjoy. It's a spy thriller and not necessarily anything we've not seen before, but the characters are wildly intriguing.

I'm really interested in a man named Goebel, played by Scott Handy. For a good portion of the premiere episode, "Mort," I was uncertain if it was a man or a woman. He gives me the same sort of androgynous impression that I get from Tilda Swinton. In fact, they would make a terrific brother and sister pair as their features are quite similar. He's spooky and crafty, the kind of character whose entrance you notice into a scene because you know all bets are off once he's there. 

Equally mysterious is although the viewers know where Sam Hunter has been for the past year, she hasn't let anyone else in on the secret. It wasn't incredibly noteworthy, but I can understand why she might want to keep her private place just that. She did have time to hone her skills, and I don't think anyone realizes just how far she can push herself. She's come back to the job a better version of herself. As it was, they all knew she was their very best. What does that make her now?

While we know where she went, we don't know exactly why she went. Even she doesn't know why, but somehow the cases she gets involved with all lead to clues about who wants her dead and why. I'll be pretty pissed off if I don't learn by the time it's over who first attempted to wipe her off the map.

There are some brutally violent bits of torture spattered throughout the show, but nothing we haven't seen before. If anyone watched American Horror House on SyFy this weekend, you've already seen the likes of it without the gritty reality behind it. One particular performance ended with the persecutor taking a deep breath, showing the he neither liked nor enjoyed his particular task. It's those little things that set Hunted apart from other shows on television. 

Make sure to tune into Cinemax on October 19th (check your local listings!) for the premiere, and then be kind enough to go back for more the next week. Trust me. It's worth it!

Stephen Amell: New Shirtless ‘Arrow’ Posters! | via Just Jared

I don't think there is anything to say here. Just look. Gaze. Enjoy.

Okay, so there were a few words.

Stephen Amell: New Shirtless ‘Arrow’ Posters! | Arrow, Katie Cassidy, Shirtless, Stephen Amell, Willa Holland : Just Jared:

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Thursday, October 11, 2012

‘Teen Wolf’ Season 3 spoilers: Colton Haynes to exit Beacon Hills - Zap2it

So Colton Haynes is leaving the infectiously popular Teen Wolf and won't be returning for the third season, but he will be involved in 12 of the 24 episodes? Color me confused. If there wasn't information in the Zap2It article about how the finale of season 2 was filmed, then I would figure they had some scenes they could use in their pockets.

As it stands, if he's not coming back, then he's not coming back. So maybe he'll just be hunted and never found? He'll be another mythical creature that remains elusive and then they'll just kill him off via an overly made up stunt double?

Hell, I don't really care how the do it as I trust Jeff Davis. That sucker made me lose an entire Saturday sucking down season one of Teen Wolf and if he could do that against my will, I'm absolutely certain he can do anything.

With or without Colton and, yes, he will be missed, the show will go on. Just don't mess with my Stiles and the passes will continue to be free!

‘Teen Wolf’ Season 3 spoilers: Colton Haynes to exit Beacon Hills - Zap2it:

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

BBC One/Cinemax Eyeing Second Season Order For 'Hunted' - TV Wise

I'm really looking forward to seeing how Hunted is received in the US. Having seen the first episode, it's fast pace, familiar faces and frenetic story should make it a booming success on Cinemax. While it doesn't have all of the sex and nudity of their other hit, Strike Back, I think the writing is superior and the tale more compelling.

Melissa George is a natural for the spy business and picks up where she left off so many years ago in the much loved Alias. Only now she's the lead, kick's a lot more ass and has nothing to lose.

Costars Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje is best known for his roles on Lost as Mr. Eko and OZ as Adibisi and Dhaffer L'Abidine is easy on the eyes and has had roles in Strike Back and Britain's hit Casualty among others.

I'm really pleased with the choices Cinemax is making in their partnership programming, and as long as they continue down this road it will continue to be a staple on my satellite package. 

BBC One/Cinemax Eyeing Second Season Order For 'Hunted', Adds Ben Harris To Writing Team:

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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

CW's Beauty and the Beast - Leftover Video Clip

I might as well keep up the videos as I have them, right? They run out quickly! Here's just a short tidbit with the stars of Beauty and the Beast, which premieres this coming Thursday, October 11 just after Vampire Diaries. Check your local listings for times.

For now, Kristin Kruek (Catherine Chandler) and Jay Ryan (Vincent Keller) - take it away!

Enjoy the show while it lasts, because if it lasts longer than a month I'll be one surprised chicky. Despite the pleasant nature and enthusiasm of the series' stars, the show itself is awful. It's rare that I use the word awful, but in a season filled with extremely lackluster choices, this one is on the bottom rung. 

Feel free to disagree and let me know what you think once it airs!

Fringe "The Recordist" Preview

You know what it means when Fringe is onto episode 503? It means there are only 11 episodes left. We need to enjoy every second! As always, I'll be posting a review of the episode once I've had time to digest what happens over at Make sure you drop by and share your thoughts about "The Recordist."

In the meantime, we posted a new Round Table today for "In Absentia." If you head over, play along with your own answers the questions we pondered. And if you think I should have come up with better questions, please let me know. Those buggers can be tricky. I'm always open to feedback!

Can't wait for Arrow? CW's Arrow Press Room SDCC 2012....

Stitched together for your viewing anticipation are all the folks who graced the Arrow press room at this year's Comic Con in San Diego. Be sure to watch the season premiere tomorrow!!

Stephen Amell, Katie Cassidy, David Nutter, Andrew Kreisberg and Marc Guggenheim

Ugh! NBC Pulls 'Community' & 'Whitney' From Fall Schedule - TV Wise

Is Community cursed? Every time crazed fans catch a break with the excitement of renewal and look forward to more from their favorite community college scholars, there's another swing and all hope is dashed.

A great idea might be to bomb the college and have them all back as ghosts, confused and gaffing their way through non-existent classes. Or maybe add zombies? An Apocalypse occurs and they're stuck inside fighting off the dead while still on a quest to better their noggins?

Seriously, if I were a fan, I'd want to give up. It has the Chuck syndrome. It also starts with the letter C and airs on NBC. Doomed, I tell you. Doomed. 

I'm singing out to you Community fans a nice dose of Celine Dion, "My Heart Will Go On." 

NBC Pulls 'Community' & 'Whitney' From Fall Schedule:

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Homeland: I'm on the outside looking in...

So, I finally watched the second episode of season two of Homeland. After about 5 glasses of wine and sitting through Revolution, Hawaii 5-0, and a few other catch up shows that I barely paid attention to, there was Carrie. Claire Danes, you had me at My So Called Life.

I have absolutely no idea what is going on, but I know that she was right last year. Brody is a traitor and watching Carrie struggle thinking that she was so wrong about him is downright painful. The more I see Brody with his family, the more I want them together.

Saul's lack of faith in Carrie was so disappointing, and certainly not vindicated by what he saw on the micro SD card at the end of the episode. If anything, it made me angrier that after all she had given he had so solidly betrayed her due to her illness. 

If you've ever known someone who suffered similar symptoms as Carrie (artists, musicians and architects are among some of those who do), then you know she more than likely can see far more than the average individual because her brain doesn't let her see the emotional side first. It's initial reaction, her gut and then the wishy washy rethinking of your own thoughts. 

The best season two would be Carrie going rogue. Taking her illness and leaving the bureau. Taking on Brody on her own. After all, she's already proven he's willing to take chances with her he might not normally take with others. Thinking she's a nut would only let his defenses down; defenses that are already compromised in his own head as he struggles with his newly developed loyalties from his severe case of Stockholm Syndrome and the reintroduction of his family to his sensory input. 

Simply put, he has no fucking idea what he's doing.

That's bound to get him in trouble. Carrie, at the very least, knows what she's in for, being aware of her condition. Brody, the poor bastard is completely blind. 

My Homeland has Carrie going rogue, enticing and engaging Brody and trying her damndest to get him to flip and share information. Of course, in the middle of this, she will suffer her own condition and a constant battle of wills will ensue. That would mean unending desire to watch and rewatch the show to find the intricacies of their relationship and the mind-fuck that is Carrie and Brody. 

As an American, I can't side with Brody. I don't give a shit about Issa. I can't. My people come first. But who are Brody's people? His family lives in his own target zone. As time progresses and the farther away he is from Abu Nazir, his loyalties will have to become fuzzy. No amount of pretty reporters whispering nothings in his ear can replace his family. Can they?

Homeland is and will be one hell of a ride. Long may it live.

As-Salamu Alaykum

Sunday, October 7, 2012

BBC One Sets Premiere Date For 'Me And Mrs Jones' - via TVWise

BBC One Sets Premiere Date For 'Me And Mrs Jones':

I'm going to have to try to watch this. Surely it will be as easily available to us in the States as, say, Arrow, Elementary and Chicago Fire are in the UK. NOT. Where there's a will, there's a way, and dammit, I love Sarah Alexander. Watching her juggle all of the men in her life seems like a great concept; almost what Cougar Town set out to do before it was labeled poorly by idiots with 'titleism.' Yes, I made that word up and I'm sticking with it. Expect more usage in the future. that I wrote this, I'm wondering how Elementary will go over "over there." Ha! I feel like I'm talking about an alternate universe in Fringe for crap's sake. But, really. Elementary showing in the country that gave us Sherlock? That will be a really interesting premiere to follow. Jonny will be showing in his home country. Surely that should help, eh Sherlocks?

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