Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Copper "Le Tempete" Review

Not that it matters, but it's my review so I can say what I want. My sister and I haven't talked for months. We finally did and the one thing we had in common, the best thing, was our love of Copper. Frankly, I was shocked that she was watching it, let alone that she had seen the last episode, and it was a great coming together moment for us.

"Le Tempete" was the darkest episode of Copper to date.

I don't even feel as though there is something good that I can say about it, and that is difficult.

Annie is a very frightening little child. Leaving her with Elizabeth Haverford, her inability to see what has become of this ten year old girl, seems to be a grave mistake. No matter what the circumstance, Annie will take it and twist it into Elizabeth's worst nightmare.

Annie is a product of two completely horrid worlds. Not only did she lose the love of her family and her sibling when she was killed, but she was forced to pretend to love grown men for their favor. Did Morehouse lay with her? I doubt we will ever know. The look on his face was certainly suspect, but even if it wasn't, would she really have the sense of mind to understand what it would mean to be with her? I have to hope to God not.

To even imagine a child of ten experiencing sex with the confusion of what they thing love should be at such a young age is more than we in this 21st century can handle. The truth is it wasn't so far in our past that we can erase it, nor should we. Within these past 200 years we have let ten year old women be wed and abused for payment. Our own guilt at this thought is what keeps us from talking about it.

Annie makes us talk about it. She must be saved.

Equally as disturbing this week was what Uncle Marcus did to Sarah Freeman. Please let her history come to us soon. While I don't mind the present coming before the past, we need to know who she was to understand who she is. Her character is owed this.

Francis "engaged" to Mary was completely out of left field. He didn't even take time to mourn for Molly. Even though she was whore, she certainly deserved to be honored if even for only a minute. Kevin was in the right in trying to tell Francis the realities of marriage and that its forever. Just because he wanted to be married forever doesn't mean it's the best choice for him.

I'm concerned that something Francis does in the next few episodes does will be done as a result of his false engagement and will risk everyone we've grown to love.

Yet, that's the best thing about Copper. We never know what's coming next.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Has Syfy Renewed 'Haven' For Fourth Season? - TV Wise

Exclusive: Has Syfy Renewed 'Haven' For Fourth Season?:

In yet another possible exclusive, poo-pooed by the powers that be over at SyFy, it would appear that SyFy has  as much faith in Haven as we faithful viewers do. If the season is as good as were the first two episodes I sampled of season three, and the third season finale as fantastic as the cast made it out to be in a recent teleconference, then I see no reason to think SyFy would let this wonderful gem go anywhere.

I will have a recap of the teleconference soon over at TV Fanatic, and you'll notice some interesting talking points from the actors and the producer during the call. Without taking that call, it's a pretty good bet that the WWE viewers will be tuning in to watch their buddy Edge exercise his acting chops and that the two shows will make for a formidable viewing block for that audience.

The content of the show is just goofy and gruesome enough to catch the eye of the WWE viewers, even if they haven't been fortunate enough to have jumped onto the Haven bandwagon prior.

Follow @ericbalfour, @emilyroseLA, @davehaven, @vincehaven and @theguardhaven on Twitter for all the latest news and updates for Haven!

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Syfy Picks Up 'Rewind' To Series? - TV Wise

Exclusive: Syfy Picks Up 'Rewind' To Series?:

TV Wise is one of my new favorite television news sites. They have such interesting tidbits and a lot of "leaked" information, such as this news of a potential new series called Rewind, about military and civilian forces working together to travel back in time to stop future terrorist attacks.

Every year SyFy finds new ways to immerse us in the impractical and illogical and just hope they keep the ideas flowing. From the looks of it, Rewind would start in the summer of 2013 (assuming Armageddon doesn't occur in December and finish up its freshman run in October.

Looking forward to it!

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Monday, September 10, 2012

Copper Review: Mind Your Employer - TV Fanatic

Copper Review: Mind Your Employer - TV Fanatic:

Hi kids! It's another week where I covered for the regular critic over at TV Fanatic so you don't get my ramblings here. Just to entice you, here's a snippet of what you're missing by not heading over for a read!

Speaking of that locket, with as often as it had been ripped off of women's throats since we've seen it, I'm uncertain as to how Molly kept putting it back on her neck. If any necklace is so fragile it can be ripped that easily from the neck, it's going to take some time to get it back in wearing order. Yes, little things like that bug me. For as long as I've watched television I've wondered who goes around just ripping chains off of women's necks. 
Annie sure can sing a great off-color nursery rhyme! Check out the Copper Quotes to see what I'm talking about. It's a laugh out loud one for sure. It was her innocent pretty little liar-ish demeanor that set off a series of events she could have never dreamed. Once she set her tongue to wagging there was pretty much nothing she wouldn't tell anybody willing to listen. She managed to let loose to Eva that Molly and Corcoran were together. Eva didn't seem to take it all in right away, but it certainly set her mind spinning.

Read more tv spoilers at: http://www.tvfanatic.com/2012/09/copper-review-mind-your-employer/#ixzz262hhHq50

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ZDF Enterprises & Content Television To Distribute BBC Two's Drama Series 'The Fall'

ZDF Enterprises & Content Television To Distribute BBC Two's Drama Series 'The Fall':

I don't see in this article anywhere details about the possibility of this running in America, but from the first time I heard of it I've been crossing my fingers. Gillian Anderson, Jamie Dornan and Archie Panjabi and we wouldn't want the series to run in the US because?

Speaking of acquiring distribution rights for The Fall, Alexander Coridass, President and CEO of ZDF Enterprises said: “We are delighted to secure The Fall for launch to our international buyers. The Fall is an outstanding piece of crime drama — something that has not been made before. We are known for presenting state-of-the-art crime productions likeThe Killing andThe BridgeThe Fall clearly belongs in this category. Gillian Anderson leads an incredibly strong cast in a complex and suspenseful drama that delivers compelling viewing for global audiences and perfect flagship drama for international primetime schedules.”
While Greg Phillips, President of Content Television and Digital, added: “We are very pleased to work with ZDF Enterprises on the distribution of this new BBC Two primetime drama, following hot on the heels of our ratings-winning series Line of DutyThe Fall offers all the elements of a classic murder thriller with a strong character driven element that will draw in the viewer as the investigation intensifies. The distinctive story, combined with a fantastic line-up of talent, promises a stand-out series with huge international potential.”

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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Notes from Arrow Panel, Live at The Paley Center

The Paley Center for the Performing Arts has been sponsoring some new fall previews with question and answer sessions afterward. Yesterday the broadcast the Q&A live. Notes are below. The photo to the left is courtesy of the Paley Center, as well.

Attending the session were Marc Guggenheim, Stephen Amell, Greg Berlanti (pictured) and Andrew Kreisberg.

Tell us about the casting process. What did Stephen bring to the character?

Kreisberg: He was the first person to audition. Period.

We were like, you need to meet this guy, he's not going to be available for very long. It was funny. He was like, "Really? This guy? Five minutes?" We watched multiple actors and always said, that guy's not Stephen.

It's not just about being good looking and in shape, and Stephen is both, but he's also a tremendous actor.

Stephen: I was a wrestling guy in school. I had never read the comics. I thought the pilot was all encompasssing and I didn't need to know more than was on the page. Once we wrapped the pilot, I read everything.

I started with the basics of fighting, literally the wax on wax off stuff like you see in the Karate Kid.
I said, if you need me to come to Vancouver a little early, I can do that. I thought maybe a week, and they asked for me in two days.

As for the archery scenes, we actually have a bow that is drawn and held in that shape. I'm not a fan, but I understand why it has to be like that.

What percentage of stunts do you do yourself?

Stephen: I am young and niave and bull-headed and wanted to do a lot of them. I'm doing less now because of logistics. If I can't be vetted by everyone then I can't do it. Simon Burnett, my stunt double, is incredible and makes me look wonderful.

I'm super competitive, I want to do it!

The ladder, is that you?

Yeah, that's me. It's like a chin-up with a dance move thrown in. I remember being embarrassed in the gym, knowing I'd have to be shirtless in the pilot.

Did you get any advice from any other people who have played super heroes?

No, but I was working on Private Practice when I got the part, so I asked all of them. It turns out that right before Tom Welling booked Smallville he was playing Amy Brennaman's love interest. She now states her love gives birth to superheroes.

The advice from the entire Private Practice team was this: Lunch time is for napping.

What do you think about the costume?

It's hot. That's good, because sooner or later you're going to see me without the hood and it's good to be sweaty and look like I've been active.

When we first started designing it, I went to Colleen Atwood's house to start the process. I remember seeing stuff on the wall and thinking, oh, those are plaques for academy awards over there. THOSE ARE ACADAMY AWARDS OVER THERE!

It's been said there are essentially four characters within Oliver that you play in Arrow. What is your favorite role to play?

Stephen: Oliver on the island. Young, vulnerable, scared Oliver.

Guggenheim: In episode 5 he'll need to be shirtless on the island, and will have to de-ab. He didn't always have those abs!

Kreisberg: There really are two series. One on the island and the other. Very cool. The last scene of the series should be Oliver seeing that boat. You can erase all of the present day scenes and have a five year series only on the island.

So what about Sarah. Is she dead?
Kreisberg: Yes, she's dead. People also ask "is Jamie Sheridan dead?" He shot himself in the head! You don't walk away from that.

There are so many characters in the DC universe, and we're excited to bring some of the lesser known of them onto the show.

What's in store for the future of Laurel? Such as, might she be The Black Canary?

We have plans, and we'd love to share them with you fine people. She's the love of Oliver's life and a public interest attorney, and we'll have easter eggs about what might be her future in coming episodes.

What about her mother? There must be some reason why she's still in the picture.

Guggenheim: Moira has her own motivations and justifications for doing things. It's not just because she's sitting around saying, "I'm so evil this week because I'm EVIL! "

Other things of note as my transcription got shoddy!!

The kinds of shows we love, Homeland, Breaking Bad have jaw dropping moments at the end, so we're trying to do that. It's part of the fun of the show.

Marc Guggenheim is dying to do a fun cameo with Justin Hartley (who played Green Arrow on Smallville).

There is a lot of behind the set crossover from Smallville, but nothing with the characters.

John Barrowman! Even a little tease of him and how he'll relate to the world?
Kreisberg: No, but it will be worth the wait. I am a life long Dr. Who fan, so to have him on the show is a dream come true.
He has a very large public persona, and is every bit as funny and warm as he is.

So no Capt. Jack and Oliver going at it?
That's for fan fiction. Type away!

Stephen, you're great on twitter. You said yesterday, "there are so many cool ways to go through a window."
I like to go through without anyone knowing.
"There's no good way to be thrown in a pit." 
There isn't. I never lie in my twitter account.

Is the costume comfortable?
Stephen: The worst thing for me is my wrists get sore from wearing handcuffs.
Kreisberg: They want to hear about when we're shooting.
Stephen: Well, I teed that one up!

He talked about his last trip through the halls of Comic Con as unrecognizable.

Stephen on archery: Before my trainer let me touch a bow and arrow, she showed me a 45 minute video of all the ways it was done wrong. You have to be relaxed in the one spot where everyone holds tension. It forces you to breathe and think.

Berlanti: You can see live twitter feeds, etc.. When I started they wrote letters. We do listen.

Berlanti: Oliver shares his secret pretty early on, which makes it easier on us.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Bones Season Premiere - What's With the Horrid Wig?

Screenshot from Fox.com/Bones video link below
The tagline is "She's been missing for three months and only chemistry can bring her home." But I watch the clip below and feel like she has cancer. What's up with that wig? Certainly she could have found a better one. Yikes!

I do like the "Because you love me," line from Temperance, however. It took them long enough to get together, and ripping them apart so quickly wasn't necessary to keep the show alive in my opinion. I've always been of the ilk that Bones and Booth have enough chemistry to overcome any of the old adages that becoming a couple on screen will kill the show. 

Do you agree? And more importantly, will you be tuning in for the premiere? Duh. Of course you will!! We didn't get nearly enough lovey dovey before they split and true fans are itching for more. Let's see these two get back together and resume their rightful place. Snarking their way through the workplace, in love and yet proving the simple act of being in love doesn't mean doom. Bring it Bones!

Go watch the clippy here:

It's a REVOLUTION at NBC.com!

If you've been as excited as I have been to see NBC's new show, REVOLUTION, you need wait no more. They're screening it for the next couple of weeks on NBC.com.

I've watched, and I'm going to watch again. Associated with the show is the amazing Eric Kripke of Supernatural fame, so if we are treated to even a sliver of what we have had during the past seven seasons of that fabulous show, we are in for one hell of a ride. Who else is involved? Oh, only Jon Favreau, one of the best writers, directors and producers out there.

Pilots aren't the easiest time to show off something as spectacular as a new world, and this one spans a time frame of 15 years. From the time the electricity disappears to the new world that sprouts in its place.

Character development will take a bit more time, but by the end of the pilot, I had a distinct Fringe vibe, in that I felt they had taken me some place I wanted to visit again. It's been a while since I've had that desire, and I, for one, will be watching.

Considering it's NBC, that's a hefty commitment on my part. I don't have a lot of trust in them. However, with the success of Grimm, it's jut possible they may have found a formula for success they're willing to stand behind. Watch, and let me know if you plan on walking in the world of Revolution.


Monday, September 3, 2012

Copper Review: The Needle And The Damage Done - TV Fanatic

Copper Review: The Needle And The Damage Done - TV Fanatic:

This week, I covered my new favorite show for the regular critic over at TV Fanatic. Please head on over to see what I had to say about it and meet me back here next week to read more!

You know I'm not going to be quiet about this show.

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