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#TheBlackList has a weak link and it's Megan Boone

Every week I watch The Blacklist and every week I shake my head wondering how in the hell Megan Boone was cast opposite James Spader. The only answer I can come up with is that she lets Spader shine brighter than any other Christmas bulb in the box.

I'm sure Ms. Boone has done a lot of good work elsewhere, but when she's acting opposite someone who can emote as well as Spader she simply looks, well, simple. 

Whether she's upset at the developments with her husband (whom all we know about despite Red's most earnest attempts to warn her is that he's a hired gun; she's still oblivious) or angry at Red, her face is stuck in "don't mind me I'm about to dose off" mode.

It's entirely possible you haven't noticed that the photo above is of Mary Elizabeth Winstead. Surprise! It turns out there's an easy fix for the sleepy-eyed Agent Keen dilemma. Replace her with Winstead and get an actress who can show an entire range of emotions. Perhaps it will make her marriage a more interesting story, as well as taking a bit of the burden off of Spader. 

As it stands, when he's offscreen it's effectively dead air.

Image is not mine, and I'll credit appropriately as soon as I'm off my useless iPad. Screw you Steve Jobs.

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Over at TV Fanatic: #YnR recap ~ Is Paul Dylan's daddy??

Image courtesy of CBS

All things considered, this week was more evenly paced than most on The Young and the Restless and yet we still had bombshells dropped in the last moments of Friday's episode.

Let's start out with the laugh out loud moment of the week because it's the featured photo and includes an important player and a headliner -- Paul. The two ran into each other in a spinning door and had this funny exchange:

Michael: Yes, I'm fine, but how could a door be such a hazard? I could have been knocked unconscious, just lying there, spinning for hours!

Paul: No, no, we would have discovered your drying carcass and I would have had you removed in five, ten minutes flat, easy.

Am I the only one who lives for the lighthearted moments like this that remind us how well the characters know and like each other? Before we get to the speculation about Paul and Dylan, let's hit the other highlights of the week.

Neil and Leslie broke up. It wasn't a surprise when they wanted such different things, but it was still heartbreaking to watch. There are obviously some issues Leslie needs to deal with regarding marriage. Neil threw her a bone and even offered that they go to counseling together so they could try to find out what's going on, but she's as steadfast in her views as he is in his.

Neil believes if you love someone you want to show your commitment and leave a lasting legacy through marriage. His talking points about what the gay community has been fighting for didn't move Leslie in the slightest. Time will tell if there is more to this story.

I really liked the spark between Devon and Hilary this week. Right after Neil gave Devon a pep talk about keeping his hands on GCAC and not giving up, the two talked a bit about Devon's "girlfriend," before that gal pulled him away with Devon making a backward glance and the lady who really caught his eye. This needs to be explored.

Thanks to Victor, Chelsea got a swift resolution to Connor's kidnapping. Chloe and Kevin even returned home on the Newman jet to Genoa City. Chloe was arrested on federal charges despite the fact Chelsea decided against pressing charges (there's no stopping the feds!) and everybody was happy. Except Jack.

Jack knows Victor far to well to believe there isn't an ulterior motive behind helping Chelsea. So what does he want? Connor. Does he merely want access or is he going to try to gaslight her like he's doing to Sharon? Chelsea received a phone call that she thought was from Adam, so anything is possible.

Things were not going too well for Billy and Victoria and no matter how hard Billy tried to assure Vickie that he only slept with Kelly once out of a morbid connection through grief, it did nothing to temper the situation. It really doesn't help that Billy and Kelly can't seem to stay away from each other, either.

We're still not entirely sure who Kelly is or what her connection is to Stitch. Are they related? Ex lovers or spouses? In any event, their circle got a little more whacked out when Vickie leaned into Stitch at the gym for a kiss. If it had been out of passion and not desperation, that might have been something to look forward to.

And, finally, everyone caught on to the trouble Summer was in with Ian Ward within about the same period of time. Nikki found Summer's photo with Ian and Faith blurted out to Dylan and Nick that she recognized his alias as the Summer's new friend.

Nikki had gotten to Ian first and rescued Summer, who ran to Paul. Nikki was making a deal to pay off Ian to go away and in the meantime Dylan and Nick were on the way. It all ended with Dylan, Ian and Paul in the room together with a bag of money in a lady's bag. I loved that -- Paul asking if the flowery pattern was Ian's choice.

Ian was being his snarky self and made a comment about Paul and Nikki in the past, saying about Paul, "You should have seen him Dylan, blond hair, blue eyes, oh and the muscles." WTF? A bit odd, right? Dylan was about ready to kill Ian with his bare fists when Ian blurted if he did he'd never know his secret.

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Over at TV Fanatic: #Parenthood review ~ Dance Fever!!!

Image courtesy of NBC

The season has finally broken free from its cycle of doom and gloom - and on Parenthood Season 5 Episode 15 the focus seemed to be on the Bravermans moving forward.

Some of the best episodes of Parenthood feature the adult Braverman siblings and we were treated to a healthy dose of Adam, Crosby and Sarah reaching out to their kid sister Julia as she weathered her first weekend without Sydney and Victor.

Elsewhere, Crosby learned about the homestead being on the market, Drew talked Amy into confiding in her parents, Sarah struggled working with Hank - but was complimented by Carl - and Adam and Kristina got some much needed time away.

Amber's advice about the difficulty of letting go of someone you love helped him have a talk with Amy about her future. Drew started to wonder if she had ever really dealt with the enormity of what they went through with her pregnancy and abortion and shared how much it meant to him to talk to Sarah about it.

Although we never did find out how that conversation went down, hearing about in those terms worked. It also gave Drew a baseline with which to work so Amy could feel comfortable when she speaks with her own parents. She's pretty troubled and she needed Drew to give her that push to get some help.

Even though Zeek seemed set in his decision to sell the house as he explained to Crosby that he realized he loved Camille more than he loved the house, when he was with his wife and grandchildren roasting marshmallows at their fire pit, I'm pretty sure I saw some hesitation. That's a decision that is far from over.

Sarah's photos with the taco truck were amazing. They had so much personality and it was her vision. Did anyone else notice that Carl specifically mentioned how impressed he was with her shots that included the truck? Hank's decision to go ahead and delete it made the photographs look much like he wanted to create in the studio.

Hank is a great photographer, but perhaps not a great artist. Sometimes a job calls for a little of both and a client is willing to forfeit the craft for the artistic merit. That's what they did with Sarah. Hank changed her work because she went on a date with Carl. It was a petty counter attack that he tried to make up for with some fancy lip service later on.

I'm not on board with Sarah revisiting a relationship with Hank. Seeing Sarah with someone like Carl feels so much better, but I know it won't happen. Did you see the look on her face after he said this amazing thing?

I like that you, I don't know, think about your family here. Think about your sister. And that you have no idea how beautiful you are or how funny. Oh my gosh. I sound like I may be falling for you. I guess that's why we're here. Beer anybody? ~ Carl

She looked like a deer caught in the headlights. I don't think Sarah can do normal, which is a shame. Carl is a real catch. I only hope Parenthood proves me wrong.

The only thing that topped seeing Kristina and Adam on a mountain getaway gettin' it on in a hot tub and soaking in mud baths was Adam's continued concern for his little sister. Popping out of the hot tub with his hot wife to check on Julia was so adorable. Who wouldn't want to be married to Adam?

Joel is set up in an apartment and lets the kids know their weekends will be with him from now on. I've never understood that. Mom gets to take them to school, do the homework and be the responsible parent and dad gets all the play time on weekends? Please tell me that won't last.

It is good, however, that the attempt to try to save the dead relationship seems to be over. Joel barely looked at Julia when he picked up the kids. He's not a likable man. It's rare that the death of a marriage is explored on television in any detail and Parenthood should be able to make this a really special journey.

Left to her own devices, Julia did very well. She slept in Sydney's bedroom but she didn't break down and cry or dip into the wine while she was alone. She binge watched Orange is the New Black and went jogging -- very healthy activities for a woman on her own for a first time in ages.

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Over at TV Fanatic: #TheRedRoad review ~ Shades of Gray

Image courtesy of SundanceTV

There was a veritable information dump on The Red Road Season 1 Episode 1 with blink-and-you-miss-it scenes and cough-and-you-miss-them lines.

If you want to be certain you caught all of the information revealed, you can either watch it more than once or you can see if I noted something you might have missed my recap, linked to above.

It seems so cliche to use the term Romeo and Juliet story, but there was a bit of that in the premiere, as a white girl named Rachel and an American Indian boy named Junior continued a dalliance despite the greatest wishes of Rachel's mother.

Harold Jensen is former high school and college football star who broke his back and became a policeman. I'm calling him Jensen because he doesn't look like a Harold. Jensen married Jean whose brother drowned when an Indian (a story she told her girls) got him messed up on drugs, forced him to swim and just watched him die.

Jean's a recovering alcoholic with what appear to be mental issues tied to the death of her brother, meaning she's been on the edge a long time. Maybe the drinking helped taper her illness. Anyone who can stand in the yard and using a leaf rake get a foot deep hole is holding back some issues.

Not that Jean's holding anything back. She knows her daughter, Rachel, is seeing Junior and she starts threatening his mother and goes so far as to brandish her husband's police handgun at the house trying to find Rachel. She's a little out of it. In her quest to find the girl, she may have hit an Indian boy on an ATV and carried on her merry way. She never looked back to see what she it.

Phillip Kopus (we're calling him Kopus) went to high school with Jensen and Jean and had something with Jean back in the day. "They" said he may have had a hand in her brother's death. Kopus is an ex-con and a wild card. He's Junior's big brother, but they are strangers. Junior and Rachel think he's cool. He is cool, but he's also a bit dangerous.

He takes a man he knows to be a killer, Mike, with Junior and Rachel out into the woods, gets them drunk and they all go for a swim. Did he know at the time that's where Mike dumped the body and they were all swimming with the dead man at their feet? Who knows? It was a chilling scene nonetheless.

Jensen finds Rachel with that gang and scoops her up and returns home but is summoned back out by Kopus. He knows what Jean did and he wants to talk to him before he talks to anybody else about it.

Jensen shows up sporting a rifle over his shoulder, which is a clear indication of what he feels about Kopus. Kopus' easy going demeanor allows him to reminisce about old times before he reveals himself as an unlikely ally in the shitstorm that's about to his the Jensen family.

There were witnesses that saw a car matching Jean's description hit the boy and drive off, but Kopus' past with her makes him feel protective. He's willing to make sure the statements given are in her best interests. Jensen merely nods but before he leaves Kopus gives him his handgun. Where was that?

Clearly we have barely scratched the surface in the opening hour what connects these families and what makes them tick. Julianne Nicholson gives a frenetic performance as Jean. She doesn't know whether she's coming or going and it's painful to watch.

There don't seem to be any delineated good guys or bad guys right off the bat, but a lot of people who seem clueless to what's going on around them. They'll need to take their blinders off and see things for what they really are or they'll fall to the side of bad simply for not paying attention.

You have to wonder why so many of these things are only surfacing now. Was Jean repeating the story about her brother to her daughters because Rachel is dating Junior or did it really take her this long to share it with them in the first place? What are the details of her alcoholism and supposed mental illness?

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Over at TV Fanatic: Being Mary Jane Season 1 review (#BMJ)

Image courtesy of BET

In hindsight, the Being Mary Jane Season 1 was too short.

At the time I was watching (via the BET marathon yesterday -- whatever took me so long??), it felt just right.

The amazing thing about Being Mary Jane Season 1 Episode 8 was how it wrapped up both of her love interests on an emotional level without further compromising Mary Jane's innate moral compass.

Being Mary Jane airs on BET and features a predominately African American cast. It plays brilliantly to its strengths and represents the AA community without wavering.

In one story, Mary Jane, a popular host on a daytime news program, found herself forced to reveal details about a friend and colleague who was investigating racial injustice in the prison system.

The juicy flash news had no bearing on the work he was trying so desperately to get before the public and in desperation he committed suicide. Mary Jane's network, SNC ran the story and she flt responsible for the death of her friend. Their advice was to say little.

Mary Jane went out on a limb, defended his work, apologized for her part in his death and promised to carry on his fight.

She received a standing ovation from her coworkers in the studio and viewers got a better glimpse into what makes Mary Jane tick.

Mary Jane's friends and family are important aspects in her life and it's interesting how they continue to influence each other no matter their role in her life. Her niece, Niecy, is a teenager with self-esteem issues preparing to give birth to her second child out of wedlock.

Mary Jane is aghast at her decision to have a tubal ligation so early in life but the conversations between them show neither has achieved any sort of ideal regardless of their age difference.

Mary Jane's two great loves are David -- the one who got away -- and Andre, the married man who eventually leaves his wife for her. Mary Jane's an emotional roller coaster with both men. She does all of the things that if you (as a woman) haven't done, you've damn well thought about doing.

She makes you clap out loud and cringe in despair as you await her next move.

For a while, Mary Jane is so madly in love with Andre it's to the point of obsession. It's so much fun to see so much of yourself in her crazy antics. She texts Andre over and over again without response, falling asleep with the phone at her side and the first thing she does upon waking is look at her phone. Nothing. She did what every rational woman does and deleted his contact.

The next thing she did was also what every rational woman does. She panicked, called her cell provider and asked how in the hell she could get that contact info back on her phone! Mary Jane is every woman.

A close encounter with David made her realize she couldn't get into the right head space with Andre so close, so after he left his wife for her, she sent him packing. Her pleas to David made him think she was crazier than ever and, frankly, he was right.

But it really hurt to hear him say he thought she was the cute kind of crazy, but didn't anymore.

Mary Jane's friends had her back. They rode around with her as she tried to come to terms with what these two men meant to her and as she visited Andre's wife to tell her to take him back (and how to have great sex with him) and to make one more try to get David back.

In the end, she lets both men go. She has her friends, family and career to keep her busy. She's successful and vivacious. There will be other men for her to obsess over and excite her and treat her right. But something tells me David will be back. Mary Jane was right to call his girlfriend a placeholder.

Once you get a taste of Mary Jane, she's irresistible.

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Over at TV Fanatic: #Nashville review ~ Breaking Point

Image courtesy of ABC

Rayna spent the majority of Nashville Season 2 Episode 15 acting as if the death of her father meant little, even in light of her last words to him:

"As far as I'm concerned, both of my parents are dead."

It was pretty obvious that wasn't a state she was going to be able to maintain, but she put on a great show as friends and family worried over her lack of reaction.

Was it wrong that I wish the man who had walked out of Teddy's office alive had been Lamar instead of Teddy? Even when Teddy finally cracked and admitted to Megan (Teddy, can you just find an appropriate woman already?) that he had the power to save Lamar but did nothing and tears of regret streamed down his face, I still wished him ill.

One of the biggest reasons I believe Nasvhille has lost ground in the second season is due to the unnecessary political machine that runs in the background. Lamar's dead and now it's time for Teddy to hit the road. Just get out. If you take Megan with you, so be it. Buh bye!

You know who else can grab onto the bumper of Teddy's moving van as he drives off? Scarlett. Her whining has reached the pinnacle of annoyance. Poor Rayna put all of her money on Scarlett becoming a success but she's a mess both personally and professionally.

Liam is far too likable of a character to be sucked into the vortex that is Scarlett O'Connor. Please let that come to a head and let's see them torn apart. The song they cut together sounded like a cat in heat and it's not going to make a dime for Rayna so she can just cut her losses and start fresh. Too harsh? Too bad.

Deacon's need for a guitarist that turned into a trio including Avery, Gunnar on drums and Zoe singing backup was magical. Their upbeat excitement to be playing with THE Deacon Claybourne kept him from running away from a gig after he was knocked back to midnight and by staying he earned an open invitation to play as an opening act any time.

The dynamics between Avery, Gunnar and Zoe was really fun and they decided to form a band together. Remember when Avery and Gunnar couldn't stand to be in the same room together? If you stick it out long enough, great things can happen.

One of the best things to happen on Nashville has been the pairing of Avery and Juliette. They're the shining light on the series at this point and are simply delightful in every way. Their chemistry is real and they have staying power. It's terrific the way they support each other without jealousy.

The entire time Juliette was being wooed by Howie V, I kept wondering why she was so enamored with a guy who was taking her backward, to the girl she was when we met her -- a pop princess with a more grown up production value. Glenn could see it, but was afraid to rain on her parade.

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Over at TV Fanatic: 'Time of Death' #Arrow review ~ Worlds Collide

Image courtesy of The CW

Life on the island and in Starling City grew degrees closer on Arrow Season 2 Episode 14 as we learned a bit more about Sara's relationship with Sin and Oliver came face to face with Slade in his own living room.

It was likely a discouraging night for Olicity shippers and Laurel haters, as the relationship between Oliver and Felicity felt more than ever like a brother and sister situation and Laurel finally came to terms with what has been driving her destructive behavior.

Oddly enough, those revelations felt like breakthrough moments that will drive the course of the season in ways we hadn't come to grips with until now.

Robert Knepper was on board as William Tocker, AKA The Clock King, but he was again an underutilized bad guy who only helped set the stage for our main characters to learn an important or powerful lesson. I'm giving up on any expectations going forward that big name guest stars will make an impressive criminal impact.

Without The Clock King, however, Felicity wouldn't have had a chance to prove her value to the team.

We knew that the more people who came into the tiny Arrow Cave the more feathers would get ruffled and Felicity has been basking as the only female on the team for quite some time. It was an honor to be in her position and she had skills Oliver and Dig didn't. Enter Sara with her battle skills, battle scars and computer skills and Felicity felt like she was no longer needed.

She didn't need to prove anything to anyone but herself. It was her own self worth that was in question. She made some bad moves that she wouldn't have taken otherwise, and even donned a leather jacket in an attempt to look tough. Felicity's big moment was protecting Canary against The Clock King and taking a bullet for her. She has her own scar and she and Oliver shared a moment as a result.

Oliver: Are you alright? Diggle had mentioned that maybe you were feeling a little left out.
Felicity: What? No. I just used to being your girl. I mean, not your girl, girl. Your girl. I know it sounds like the same word, but it means something different in my head.
Oliver: Hey. You will always be my girl, Felicity.

Is it difficult to believe that she's alright with Oliver dating Sara? Not at all. Felicity is strong, if just a tad socially inept. It's entirely possible that all of her tongue tied missteps when talking to Oliver have been just that... indications of her inexperience with the opposite sex. Crushing on Oliver with his shirt off is one thing, expecting to be in a relationship is another.

Sara's fear of being in the same room with Laurel lead to a dinner disaster, and that lead to Oliver giving up on Laurel. It's exactly what she needed. A final push to the brink.

The exchange between Laurel and Sara that followed was so well played. It was emotional and felt true. Laurel realized she had spent so long holding on to anger over what happened when the Queen's Gambit went down that she didn't like the person she had become.

When Sara showed up, so strong, beautiful and full of life -- in spite of having been through hell -- Laurel hated her even more because when she looked into the mirror she finally saw herself as the opposite of her sister and knew it was all her own doing.

Laurel's process is only beginning, but making that first step by reaching out to Sara and begging her acceptance, as well as attending a meeting with Lance, might mean she's on the road to recovery.

Now that Oliver has given up on Laurel and Sara has reconnected with her and Oliver made the discovery that Slade Wilson is alive and well in Starling City and in his living room, no less, I'm back to a Sara/Shado showdown at season's end with Sara and Laurel.

My thought behind that is made with some assumptions, such as Sara and Laurel continuing to mend their relationship and growing closer. If Sara finds herself in the same spot, as strong as she is now but with her sister in Shado's place, I don't think she could live with herself or with Oliver if either of them let Slade kill Laurel.

For all of the nitpicking and backstabbing that sisters may do (and yes, dramatic license propels that to much higher proportions than what we do in real life so please remember I'm talking generally here), there is always a connection no matter how torn sisters may be at any moment. Have you ever heard "I can say that about her because she's my sister, but you can't"?

The point is that no matter how much animosity was between Sara and Laurel if either of them was faced with a life threatening situation and had a way to save the other, I don't think they'd hesitate. We'll see how it plays out, but that's my thinking.

It was certainly fortunate for Thea to send an urgent text to Oliver at the exact time Slade was at the mansion, wasn't it? All of that will play out next week in more detail. Slade pumping that fist of his and that angry handshake between the two showed how the tension had mounted very quickly.

Other bits:

  • The island scenes were barely necessary this week, but did explain how Sin and Sara were acquainted. I had wondered that at one time, so it was nice to bring that back and touch upon it now that Sara is "alive" again. 
  • Lance learning that Dinah has someone else was a bit heartbreaking, but I didn't expect Alex Kingston to sign on full time so it wasn't a surprise.
  • The scene between Diggle and Felicity was very special. It would be nice to see them become closer as Oliver and Sara are out on missions more frequently. 
  • It seems we'll get more time at Verdant now that Sara is the new bartender. That's also a great way for her to get to know Thea and for Thea to get more airtime. I like it!
  • I'm hoping that all of the female characters are featured in the Birds of Prey episode because the more I see of them together, the more I like the idea of their dynamic.

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Over on TV Fanatic: #Supernatural pics up for #Thinman

Image courtesy of The CW

It looks like Sam and Dean are getting a little slow in their old age!

On Supernatural Season 9 Episode 15 - when they head to Washington to investigate the death of a teenage girl - they discover there are some other "supernaturalists" already on the case.


Yup! Ed and Harry get there first and although the dead teen's mother doesn't know them as the Ghostfacers, the two investigatory teams meet up to find out what's behind the girl's final selfie containing what appears to be a ghost sharing the image with her.

While you wait, catch up on all the latest installments when you watch Supernatural online - and check out photos from the impending hour now by....

Heading over to TV Fanatic!

Over on TV Fanatic: Amy Brenneman all decked out for #Reign

Image Courtesy of The CW

As we reported back in November, Amy Brenneman is joining Reign. Now, we can offer a first look of her as the character of Marie de Guise.

On Reign Season 1 Episode 13, Marie will make an appearance at the castle to try to restore some order to Mary's life. 

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Brenneman alleviated some fears for history buffs by sharing that Marie de Guise will remain a fairly true interpretation of the woman herself, despite the poetic license Reign has been taking.

"She's consistent with the historical figure, which was fun and interesting for me to know," Brenneman says. "She's a very strong woman, a very unusual woman for that time. Honestly her only similar peer is Catherine de Medici (Megan Follows). In addition to the rivalry, there's also real camaraderie and understanding." 

Expect a brief moment of mother daughter emotional bonding between Marie and Mary before she's down to business. 

Marie's main concern is Queen's Catherine's decision making based on Nostradamus' prophecies, which she finds ridiculous. 

It sounds like Brennaman's de Guise will be there to stir the pot and make a little trouble while trying to smooth the waters for her daughter. We can't wait to see this badass mama in action!

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Over at TV Fanatic: 16 TV Characters Who Should Be Arrested for Scene Stealing

Image courtesy of The CW

You'll recognize their faces. You might even wonder why they're on this list. After all, a lot of them are the reason you watch your favorite shows in the first place.

But you know why? Because they're scene stealers!

They might have just signed on for one or two episodes (we're looking at you, Emily Bett Rickards) but their screen presence was so powerful their characters became a reason to watch. Who can imagine Arrow without Felicity Smoak?!?

What would The Walking Dead be without Daryl, who wasn't even in the comics on which the show was based? The character was created specifically for Norman Reedus after he auditioned for Merle! Precious Norman as crusty Merles? No way. He stole our hearts as Daryl.

Get out the handcuffs and find out who else should be taken to task for Hollywood robbery. Agree? Disagree? Hit the comments with your favorite scene thieves.

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Over at TV Fanatic: #TeenWolf Review ~ Stiles Gets Naughty for Nogitsune's Return

Image courtesy MTV

With every passing episode, the first half of Teen Wolf Season 3 becomes a distant memory.

All of the Alpha pack infighting had bearing only insofar as it brought out Scott's status as a True Alpha. 

It was trying to get through some of that story, but it was worth suffering through the more tedious moments to get to what we're experiencing now.

As the only character without some sort of special ability, Stiles was the heart and humor of Teen Wolf. His transformation into the terror has been simply riveting. 

Both the character and the actor (Dylan O'Brien) who play him have earned their moment in the spotlight and Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 20 showcased the talents of both yet again. 

From the character of Stiles we were treated to unending compassion and concern for his friends and, heck, the community at large. He selflessly checked himself into Eichen House thinking it would be best for everyone concerned, but once there he was even worried about the patients locked in with him.

It was hard not to be worried when someone committed suicide immediately upon his arrival. If you've wondered where Ms. Morell has been spending her time, apparently some of it has been at Eichen House. It made sense given her profession in general, and even more when Stiles ran into Malia's fist in the hallway.

In a town like Beacon Hills when the supernatural (is that what we call them?) don't know what they are or how to handle it, they probably end up in Eichen House. Having Morell around to help would be helpful. Knowing she has a drug used for lethal injection on hand perhaps not so much.

The best relationships always seem to grow from some sort of tempestuous beginning, so let's keep our fingers crossed for our favorite Nogitsune occupied human and the werecoyote, shall we? How hot was that?!?

Even if everything else fails and Stiles never comes back to us, we can rest easy knowing that he got a little action with Malia -- Peter Hale's daughter! Remember how Peter was rolling on the floor in agony in Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 19 after learning he was a father? Try to imagine the moment he learns about Malia... and then that she's involved with Stiles. We need a GIF for that. Seriously.

Hooking up with Malia proved to be too much for Stiles, however, because of his massive heart and his weakness for caring for others. He allowed the Nogitsune in to save her. 

That's where Dylan O'Brien reminded us he doesn't need Teen Wolf to be a success. 

As I watched O'Brien transform from the bound Stiles with tears streaming down his cheek to the possessed Nogitsune Stiles wickedly punching Oliver in the face with a fearless glance and an inner strength that O'Brien rarely gets to portray through our Stiles, it was difficult not to imagine him leaving the series.

He has range that goes far beyond what he's given weekly on Teen Wolf and beyond what he's been given so far in films. We can't be the only ones taking note of his incredible talent. He's going to have a very full calendar.

There have been various theories mentioned about what might save Stiles and at least one comment came with the observation that changing him into a werewolf might save him from his brain disease. Now that the gang uncovered one of the scrolls that says changing his body would rid him of the Nogitsune, Scott thought turning him would do the trick. Two birds with one stone!

Over at TV Fanatic: #BeingHuman review ~ Nothing's Permanent (especially this series!)

Image courtesy SyFy

Oh Aidan, you are centuries old and your swagger still gets you into trouble!

As we witnessed on Being Human Season 4 Episode 7, this fella really underestimated his Suzanna. He was so obviously in trouble when he walked gingerly into her room I could practically smell the fresh blood on him myself. 

Aidan's anger at being accused of eating humans when there is clearly a healthy way to go without didn't go over well. The way Suzanna plays it, vampires only need the bare minimum of blood to survive, look fabulous and stay healthy. They're more like alcoholics than monsters.

Well, except Aidan. What was he trying to prove by bragging about his killings? Nothing could prepare him for what Suzanna was going to share. Only his restraint kept him from doing the unimaginable.

Josh and Nora, just moments after their mind-bending marital argument about infidelity, were tasked with watching over Robbie while Sally tried to find a way to resurrect him.

On one hand, it was admirable that she was so concerned about his death and wanted to bring him back to life and on the other, I kind of wished that she had spent the time she had with him actually being with him, you know?

Donna offered up her soul save his life, but since we didn't see Robbie again after the two of them spoke, I was left wondering whether or not she did something to him that either drove him away or if she stole his soul for her own use. Can you blame me? Even when she's pretended to be cool in the past, things haven't quite worked out that way.

At least we can believe that the idea of being a ghost was exciting enough to send him out adventuring. After all, it does run in the family. He'll be back.

But Donna? She's sealed off at her own request. Hanging forever on her tree. After learning her history, it was kind of hard for Sally to deny her what she wanted in the end, to give her some sort of peace even if it meant she'd be banished from this plane of existence forever.

Josh and Nora didn't end up faring very well, did they. For a minute there, I was hopeful that Josh's amorous ways would win Nora over and maybe we'd have another little werewolf baby again. Not so lucky in that department.

It seems hormones are another trigger for Josh's wolf to appear and Nora's scared to death of him. So scared she walked out. In the span of two episodes they went from thinking about moving out on their own to Nora leaving. 

Over at TV Fanatic: #SwitchedatBirth review: How to save a life

Image courtesy: ABC Family

This week, Switched at Birth Season 3 Episode 7 offered up a segue installment.

Just enough happened to propel story forward and drive what happens next.

Everybody seemed to be trying, in one way or another, to save a life. Daphne was looking out for Sharee; Bay and Toby were trying to save their parents' marriage; Melody was intent on ensuring Travis' future; and Regina, well, she was still trying to save herself.

Bay and Toby Work Together
It's obvious how little time Toby spent in his own marriage when he agreed with Bay that taking their parents to a soda parlor to relive the old days was a good way to get them to rekindle their feelings for one another.

No go!

Instead, Kathryn recalled fatherless trips with the kids while John was on the road and John remembered passive aggressive arguments. Trying to eat a 250 banana split hardly gave anyone the warm fuzzies and Bay's attempt to win an iPod with a claw arcade game revealed two torn tendons putting her future as an artist in question.

What a great family night.

Daphne's friendship with Sharee was put to the test when they tried to get her mother help for her mental illness. Daphne's heart was in the right place, and nobody could have guessed how messed up Sharee's mother really was.

After stabbing Dr. Jackson at the clinic she was arrested leaving Sharee's fate uncertain. Daphne came off looking quite good in the eyes of the good doctor, however. I don't think he'll tease her about using the place as her personal dating service any longer!

Travis and Mary Beth are absolutely adorable together. At first, I thought he didn't want to go to Gallaudet because he wanted to stay and go to school with her, but she knew her boyfriend better than I do. Most of their relationship has taken place off screen, but the writing proved how close they've become when she shared with Melody Travis' likely fear of leaving the only true home he's ever known.

To read more, head over to TV Fanatic...

Monday, February 24, 2014

Over at TV Fanatic: #Reign Picture Preview ~ Francis is Back!

Photo credit: Christos Kalohoridis/The CW 
Francis is back and he's ready for some heroics!

On Reign Season 1 Episode 12, while he's graciously (and perhaps stupidly) stepped aside to allow Mary her wish for a royal engagement to his older brother Sebastian, Francis is still a gentleman who wants to protect a girl in need.

This time that girl is Lola!

It seems Lola's (incredibly hot!) brother Frederick has some debts that have gone unpaid and Lola's attempt to intervene get her into a bit of trouble. Francis steps in to get Lola out of that predicament and the two grow closer in the process.

Is there a quadrangle on the way?!

Although we get barely a hint of it in this set of photos, while Francis is daringly and dashingly looking out for Lola, Clarissa gains enough confidence from Mary's kindness that she steals away with Queen Catherine's and King Henry's youngest sons.

Whoops! It looks like Catherine needs Sexy Nostradamus' help.

Want to see the photos? Click here to head on over to to TV Fanatic for a groovy slideshow!!

Over at TV Fanatic: #DowntonAbbey Review ~ Let Battle Commence!

Image courtesy: ITV/Screen Capture

The best news about the Downton Abbey Season 4 Episode 8 - better known as the season finale - was that this year we weren't made to suffer through a Christmas episode at the end of February.

Instead, we had to suffer through cousin Rose's presentation to society, which featured a historical romp through the royal life of the Prince of Wales, later known as King Edward VIII, and his early affairs before he abdicated the throne because of his love for and marriage to Wallis Simpson.

Whew! That's a mouthful.

As usual, for that portion of the festivities the costumes were impeccable and it was nice how they keenly wound the Prince's affair into the life of the Crowleys through the nefarious card sharp Mr. Sampson. But the Prince, King George and Queen Mary were all unnecessary and filler -- much like cousin Rose herself, poor dear.

The more important fare belonged to the people we know best - and wasn't that expected? Much like Rose's affair with Jack Ross, she's not going to stick just because they've thrown her character in front of the camera.

For the rest of the review... visit TV Fanatic!

#ChicagoPD & #ChicagoFire Got Together for a Google Hangout

Image credit: NBC

No, that's not the beginning of a good joke, but it sure sounds like one, doesn't it?

If all goes well, I'll soon be recapping Chicago P.D. at an outlet near you. Most of you already know I'm a big fan of Chicago Fire and I'm happy to report the same humanity that runs throughout the writing of that fabulous show carried onto its sister. 

It was a difficult battle redeeming Voight after his initial run on Chicago Fire, but they've come up with a plausible atonement, although I can only hope it's a short-lived journey as it will grow old rather quickly. You can only beat a man's face into the ground for so long while still expecting audiences to accept him as a viable leader.

That's all for another time, however, as the point of this is to share with you the Google Hangout (the entirety of which I've embedded below) that was held at the Museum of Broadcast Communications in Chicago. The sound and lighting leave a lot to be desired (surprising considering where it was held, right?), but the content is entertaining.

In case you didn't know, most network broadcasting returns this week after the Olympics (hallelujah!), and there will be a crossover event between Law and Order: SVU and Chicago P.D., bringing a third NBC program into the Chicago family. It's being promoted as "a case so big it needs two teams to solve it." You can read more about it at Lost Remote.  At the TCAs in January, Dick Wolf teased that there will be a crossover event at the end of the season with a case so big it will involve everyone. That will be a giant social media event and one we won't want to miss!

If you don't laugh out loud while watching this video at least once, there's something wrong with you. Hey --I'm just pointing out the obvious. They make work seem like fun. Turn up your sound (and turn down the lights); the TWO microphones provided for the five individuals don't quite do the trick. Without further ado...

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Over at TV Fanatic: #PLL Round Table for 'Free Fall' Join in the fun!!

Ezra's well-plotted attempt to fool the Liars started to unravel on Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 20, as Spencer's drug habit put her own credibility into question.

Join TV Fanatic staff writers Teresa Lopez, Nick McHatton, Leigh Raines and Carissa Pavlica as they discuss Spencer's habit, Aria's response to Ezra's admission and what's next for these super stressed Rosewood residents.


Did you feel just a little anguish for Spencer as Ezra set her up, and do you her drug problem being exposed was more helpful than harmful in the long run?

Teresa: I do feel bad for her; it's not easy fighting a diagnosis of crazy. The more people call you crazy, the angrier it makes you that no one's listening, and the more likely that you come off as crazy. But I do think someone needed to put a stop to her drug use, especially since it was clear she was still looking for more pills even after that confrontation with her friends.

Nick: I'm a little mixed about Spencer. On one hand, she's my favorite of the liars, and I hate to see her getting thrown under the bus because she's usually the only one keeping and piecing things together; however, her drug use needs to stop, and Ezra was attempting to take care of the.....

to Read more head over to TV Fanatic....

Over at TV Fanatic: #BaTB Photo Preview: Cat Must Choose Between Vincent & Gabe!


Tensions are going to rise on The Beauty and the Beast Season 2 Episode 15 as Cat continues to find herself beside Vincent when she's supposed to be making a decision between him and Gabe.

When you take a peek at the photos, it sure looks like Gabe has had enough of Vincent being everywhere his girl is - and if VinCat truly find themselves in a compromising position as a result of their investigation, it could get ugly!

We might have to wait until Monday to find out what goes down, but at least we can enjoy these looks ahead in the meantime. (Along with these romantic moments between VinCat!)

Read more....

Over at TV Fanatic: #YnR Recap - Victor Makes a Case for Sharon & Nick!

The hostage crisis from the benefit fizzled to a rather unspectacular end this week on The Young and the Restless.

Considering the number of people involved and what could have happened, the carnage was relatively weak.

It all turned out to be one big spectacle for February sweeps that went nowhere. Billy tried to be a hero, got injured and confessed to a one night stand instead. Cane tried to be a hero and got shot.

Lily was the final hostage and Colin turned on Womack and DID look like a hero when he shot and killed his inside man. Oh, brother!

Read more....

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Game of Thrones Season 4 Trailer! The War is Not Won

Image courtesy HBO

Joffrey is living in a little dream world where he has won the war, but his uncle knows better. Jaime seems to have healed nicely. Tyrion knows there is not justice to be found.

It's tempting to see your enemies as evil, but there is good and evil on both sides.

There is only one hell, the one we live in now.

So many great lines. So many lovely faces.

The trailer? Epic.

Dare I say this trailer outdoes all trailers before it in intensity and beauty. The way it shines is simply amazing.

April 6th cannot come soon enough. Certainly not soon enough for me to complete all of the available books in the series (ahem).

Thursday, January 9, 2014

A&E's Pittsburgh drama "Those Who Kill" Premiering in March

Let's be honest. I wanted to visit the set and poke around. A&E didn't get back to me. That kind of stinks. They were right down the street for goodness sakes. Oh well. I still wish them all the best with the show.

[via Press Release]



Pasadena, CA – January 9, 2014 – A&E Network will premiere the new original scripted series “Those Who Kill” on Monday, March 3 at 10 PM ET/PT. The suspenseful drama stars Academy Award-nominated and Golden Globe-winning actress Chloë Sevigny (“Big Love,” Boys Don’t Cry) and James D’Arcy ( Hitchcock, Cloud Atlas). Based on the Danish crime series format inspired by the bestselling work of author Elsebeth Egholm, the thrilling drama follows Catherine Jensen (Sevigny), a recently promoted homicide detective who tracks down serial killers and relentlessly seeks the truth behind the disappearance of her brother. Pittsburgh serves as the picturesque backdrop for the ten-episode serialized drama.

“Glen Morgan and the incredible team behind the ‘Those Who Kill’ have crafted a captivating drama that we’re thrilled to add to our slate of original scripted series,” said David McKillop, Executive Vice President and General Manager of A&E Network. “As the story unfolds, these damaged yet good-intentioned characters are brought to life by the talented cast.”

As a freshly minted homicide detective, Catherine Jensen has garnered a reputation for overstepping her boundaries in her unrelenting pursuit to solve Pittsburgh’s most gruesome murders.Motivated by her past, including the disappearance of her brother and the suspicion that her stepfather is a serial killer, she often finds herself emotionally connected to the victims she’s investigating.Jensen enlists the help of Thomas Schaeffer (D’Arcy), a forensic psychologist who has a tumultuous relationship with the police department, to provide insight into her cases and her personal investigation into her stepfather. He too finds himself deeply connected to each case, but often through the killer, which proves to be a hazardous undertaking.The pair shares a skewed sense of judgment that often puts them, and sometimes even their families, at risk.As these two captivating yet flawed characters come together, their bond often rescues them from their individual demons but may be the source of more harmful tribulations.

“Those Who Kill” is produced by Imagine Television (“24,” “Friday Night Lights”) and Fox 21 (“Homeland,” “Sons of Anarchy”).Brian Grazer and Francie Calfo are executive producers for Imagine Television. Glen Morgan (“The X-Files,” “Millennium”) wrote the pilot episode and also serves as executive producer/showrunner. David Petrarca serves as executive producer and directs several episodes.Peter Bose and Jonas Allen are executive producers for Miso Films.

About A&E Network
Now reaching 100 million homes, A&E is the home to 100% original content that inspires and challenges audiences to BE ORIGINAL.  A&E offers a diverse mix of high quality, uniquely immersive entertainment ranging from the network’s original scripted series, including “Bates Motel,” “Longmire” and “Those Who Kill,” to signature non-fiction franchises, including “Duck Dynasty,” “Beyond Scared Straight” and “Storage Wars.”  The A&E website is located at  Follow us on Twitter at and Facebook at  For more press information and photography please visit us at

Monday, January 6, 2014

Craig Robinson finally gets that NBC pilot deal to series

Image: This Is The End capture
Everybody keeps saying The Office star Craig Robinson is getting his moment in the sun a year after NBC ordered a comedy to pilot, but if you've seen This Is The End, then you know there was no way NBC could let the deal linger much longer without losing him.

If you've watched This Is The End once, then I suggest you watch it again. Hell, watch it three times. You'll be left wondering which star is the star because each actor brings so much to the production. Craig, in particular, delivers some of the funniest moments.

It's not very often you see a grown man dragging a six-foot statue of a penis across the room to use in an attempt to barricade themselves into James Franco's house as they await the end of the world but Robinson's mumbling about the penis makes the scene one you need to see many times, not to appreciate it, but because you won't stop laughing.

Now I'm not saying that we're going to see him dragging penises, talking about drinking pee to survive or any of the other hysterical things he did as he played an over-the-top version of himself with his pals in This Is The End, but we can hope that as a musician to gets a job as a middle school teacher in the titular Mr. Robinson we'll be treated to another version of his irresistible humor.

Brothers Mark and Rob Cullen have just joined the 6 episode series order as executive producers, after their fall endeavor at ABC, Back in the Game, failed to score for the duo. Here's hoping they have better luck along side fellow EPs Howard Klein and Mark Schulman.

'Mystery Girls' to reunite Jennie Garth and Tori Spelling on ABC Family

Image: ABC Family
Alright, I heard about Mystery Girls a while back and I wasn't too excited about it. But after watching Jennie Garth in a plethora of holiday specials this year, dammit -- I'm in really looking forward to seeing these two gals back in action again!

I'd be lying if I said it wouldn't be ridiculously cool to find out they were going to invite Shannen Doherty and Tiffani Amber Thiessen along for some of their cases, because the more Beverly Hills 90210 alumni the merrier.

According to the official release, Mystery Girls will be about two former TV starlets who played detectives brought together again by a real life mystery. Garth plays Charlie Contour (what a name!) a suburban housewife and mother and Tori Spelling plays Holly Hamilton who longs for the glory days of the '90s when she was on television (sounds familiar).

The duo will be joined by newcomer Miguel Pinzon who plays Nick, a true fan of their show which was aptly titled "Mystery Girls" and when he witnesses a crime, the only people he will speak with are the ones he thinks best for the job -- the fake gals he watched on TV. Only in Hollywood, right?

Charlie and Holly will have to find out if they learned any real investigative skills while playing detectives on TV and they'll make us laugh and be generally happy that they're back on our televisions in the process.

From where I stand, it's a win-win. I still have absolutely no idea what slate of programming ABC Family is trying to put together as it casts such a wide net, but I can't seem to turn my head away, so whatever it is, it's working.

Will you be tuning into Mystery Girls? My hand is raised!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

What am I watching in 2014?

That's the question, isn't it?

Of course, I'm most excited about anything supernatural or life-threatening so those entries will hit the list both old and new. Let's take a look. If I'm covering the show at another site, I'll let you know where to find my coverage.

Coverage means different things for different sites. The only reviews I'll be doing at SheKnows are for Pretty Little Liars and Ravenswood. The others are all news, previews and editorials. Check out the About Me page for specifics.

Any shows I don't cover elsewhere, I'll likely start covering here. Time to stop slacking!

You'll notice there's a real problem with things as we get toward the end of the week. I have an overabundance of incredible programming on Sundays and Mondays and then books become warranted as the week wears on. No, not books. Foreign programming. I'll do another post with the foreign shows I've taken a liking to, because it's worth it. They're not necessarily easy to find, but where there's a will, there's a way!

Image: HBO


The Good Wife (TV Fanatic)
Downton Abbey (TV Fanatic)
True Detective (SheKnows) -- I'm very excited for this one. It's much different from what I've seen than I expected. A character study of the detectives rather than a murder mystery and really works.
The Walking Dead -- Although I have no idea why I continue to watch such drivel.Honestly? It's the poster. It's reeled me in with Carl in the forefront. That kid kicks ass.
Game of Thrones

Image: Syfy


Teen Wolf (TV Fanatic)
Switched at Birth (TV Fanatic)
Being Human (TV Fanatic)
Sleepy Hollow (TV Fanatic)
Beauty and the Beast (TV Fanatic)
Almost Human
The Blacklist (SheKnows)
Dallas (SheKnows)
Bates Motel (SheKnows)

Image: The CW


Pretty Little Liars (SheKnows)
Ravenswood (SheKnows)
Brooklyn Nine-Nine (SheKnows)
The Goldbergs
Killer Women -- Who doesn't love Tricia Helfer??
Chicago Fire
Rizzoli & Isles

Image: The CW


Arrow (TV Fanatic)
Chicago PD
American Horror Story: Coven
The 100
The Americans (SheKnows)

Image: NBC


Parenthood (TV Fanatic)
Parks and Recreation (SheKnows)
Vampire Diaries

Image: Syfy


Helix - This looks like nonstop fun to me. Cannot wait!!

Image: BBCA


Black Sails (SheKnows)
Orphan Black (SheKnows)