Saturday, September 14, 2013

Lifetime's Witches of East End - A Video Promo I Missed

Is anybody else as excited about the upcoming series The Witches of East End on Lifetime as me? It looks like it will have all the soapy goodness we have come to expect of Lifetime original series, blended with a bit of Charmed, a dash of Practical Magic and what I would have expected if Anne Rice's The Witching Hour had come to life along with the Three Sisters Trilogy of books by Nora Roberts. Yes, that's quite an amalgamation tossed into the witches cauldron, and that's why it's so exciting to think that we'll get to watch it play out with such a talented and attractive cast.

I've recently so busy editing the work of other writers and thing about topics like beauty and fashion that I nearly lost my way in the world of television. That's simply not allowable. I completely missed the already released video clips and promos of Witches of East End. I saw some photos of the cast and news items, but missed the video. What kind of TVaholic can I call myself if I miss promos for the shows I am most excited to view?

Just in case you might have missed the gooey goodness, as well, check out this clip. It shows the sisters being sisterly, mom being presented with the notion she won't be able to hold her life close to the vest any longer and a nice shot of Eric Winter looking -- well -- smoking hot.

Let's face it, the entire cast is one glorious figure of eye candy after another. In addition to Winter we have Julia Ormond, Jenna Dewan-Tatum, Rachel Boston, Daniel DiTomasso and Mädchen Amick. I'm going to hang myself out on a limb and say that all supporting cast and guest stars will be of equal physical nature and if there are any problems with the script (it's about witches, and we've been missing them, so we're going to shut up and enjoy what we get, right?), the view will make up for them as the series grows over the first season.

One thing I don't fear is Lifetime pulling the series prior to the end of its initial run, as we might expect from a network show. So prepare for October 6th and let's meet somewhere, whether it be here or some other rendezvous point I drop back into share with you, to chat about our new supernatural love on Lifetime. Finally, here's one of the clippys I missed!

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