Monday, January 6, 2014

Craig Robinson finally gets that NBC pilot deal to series

Image: This Is The End capture
Everybody keeps saying The Office star Craig Robinson is getting his moment in the sun a year after NBC ordered a comedy to pilot, but if you've seen This Is The End, then you know there was no way NBC could let the deal linger much longer without losing him.

If you've watched This Is The End once, then I suggest you watch it again. Hell, watch it three times. You'll be left wondering which star is the star because each actor brings so much to the production. Craig, in particular, delivers some of the funniest moments.

It's not very often you see a grown man dragging a six-foot statue of a penis across the room to use in an attempt to barricade themselves into James Franco's house as they await the end of the world but Robinson's mumbling about the penis makes the scene one you need to see many times, not to appreciate it, but because you won't stop laughing.

Now I'm not saying that we're going to see him dragging penises, talking about drinking pee to survive or any of the other hysterical things he did as he played an over-the-top version of himself with his pals in This Is The End, but we can hope that as a musician to gets a job as a middle school teacher in the titular Mr. Robinson we'll be treated to another version of his irresistible humor.

Brothers Mark and Rob Cullen have just joined the 6 episode series order as executive producers, after their fall endeavor at ABC, Back in the Game, failed to score for the duo. Here's hoping they have better luck along side fellow EPs Howard Klein and Mark Schulman.

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