Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Over at TV Fanatic: 16 TV Characters Who Should Be Arrested for Scene Stealing

Image courtesy of The CW

You'll recognize their faces. You might even wonder why they're on this list. After all, a lot of them are the reason you watch your favorite shows in the first place.

But you know why? Because they're scene stealers!

They might have just signed on for one or two episodes (we're looking at you, Emily Bett Rickards) but their screen presence was so powerful their characters became a reason to watch. Who can imagine Arrow without Felicity Smoak?!?

What would The Walking Dead be without Daryl, who wasn't even in the comics on which the show was based? The character was created specifically for Norman Reedus after he auditioned for Merle! Precious Norman as crusty Merles? No way. He stole our hearts as Daryl.

Get out the handcuffs and find out who else should be taken to task for Hollywood robbery. Agree? Disagree? Hit the comments with your favorite scene thieves.

If you want the big reveal, head on over to TV Fanatic to see the other 14 in the slideshow!

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