Tuesday, March 4, 2014

#TheBlackList has a weak link and it's Megan Boone

Every week I watch The Blacklist and every week I shake my head wondering how in the hell Megan Boone was cast opposite James Spader. The only answer I can come up with is that she lets Spader shine brighter than any other Christmas bulb in the box.

I'm sure Ms. Boone has done a lot of good work elsewhere, but when she's acting opposite someone who can emote as well as Spader she simply looks, well, simple. 

Whether she's upset at the developments with her husband (whom all we know about despite Red's most earnest attempts to warn her is that he's a hired gun; she's still oblivious) or angry at Red, her face is stuck in "don't mind me I'm about to dose off" mode.

It's entirely possible you haven't noticed that the photo above is of Mary Elizabeth Winstead. Surprise! It turns out there's an easy fix for the sleepy-eyed Agent Keen dilemma. Replace her with Winstead and get an actress who can show an entire range of emotions. Perhaps it will make her marriage a more interesting story, as well as taking a bit of the burden off of Spader. 

As it stands, when he's offscreen it's effectively dead air.

Image is not mine, and I'll credit appropriately as soon as I'm off my useless iPad. Screw you Steve Jobs.

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