Thursday, November 24, 2011

American Horror Story....I understand the anger!

So much about this episode, "Rubber Man" left me barely hanging on to my own sanity. I understand Hayden and her need to get her rage out. She's lucky. She has Constance's hot, dead husband to kill again and again. Apparently it's not enough to stop her, but who can blame her?

Vivien is clearly the only sane one in the family. Ben....I don't know if I could NOT kill his ass at this point. His condescension at Vivien as she tells him the house is full of things they don't understand was nerve wracking. Violet, being the stupid teen in love, backed what he wanted to hear so that she could stay with her dead lover, Tate. The father of her siblings.

Yep. That's right. Tate is the farther of Vivien's babies. So we have here a couple of  ghost human hybrids on the way. Goody!. Slightly different take than Rosemary's baby, but not too much of a stretch. 

I'm still questioning who is alive and who is dead. The only certainty I have is Vivien. She is alive. I believe Violet bought it in the tub when Tate "saved" her. She hasn't been to school in a week and made it only to the car before Tate scared her back to the house. While you could be thinking it was because he doesn't want to lose her, I think he does, in his sordid way, care about her. He's not ready for her to know she's dead. After all, look at what it did to Hayden. 

Ben, I suppose, is alive. He made it out of the house last week to torture poor Larry, who wishes he was dead. So much so that he wants to buy the house. Probably to kill himself in it so he can forever remain next door to Constance. Ben becomes uglier and more unappealing every week. It's really well done, because right now if Dylan McDermott tried to take on a Holiday roll, I'd expect him to slay Santa (Satan!!).

Luke is alive, and yet even the one person who had her back has been persuaded by Ben that Vivien is crazy. Listening to Ben talk to the police about being a licensed psychiatrist and knowing a psychotic break when he sees one? I imagine how many men use their societal roles to do horrible damage to their wives while the police lap it up like dogs.

Why? Because there is probably still a lot of truth to what Moira, dear Moira, told Vivien. Yes, hysterical paroxysm was a real treatment in the medical profession. Doctors used to get women off as a prescription for the treatment of ... who the hell knows what? Men have pretty much always wanted to consider women less than they are, and they've used some pretty sick ways to achieve it. I'm sure, looking back, men are kicking themselves in the ass for their "treatment." I seriously doubt many men gave their women orgasms, and the introduction of them to women by the medical profession surely gave them more than they bargained for in the long run.
Moira is an enigma. It's a shame the house has such a hold on spirits because she does not belong there. She is good of heart and her concern for Vivien and the babies is real. If only Constance was dead in the back yard instead of Moira. It's telling that Moira never plays with Hayden's new toy (Constance's husband). Benevolent. 

For now, Vivien is out of the house. That's a relief. She needs to be gone as long as possible and the spirits of the house need to drive Violet and Ben batshit crazy. I'm counting on our girl Hayden to turn up the heat in Vivien's absence. Even though Ben stupidly implied last week that he didn't think Larry really killed and buried Hayden under the gazebo, he knows better. 

The previews were enough to drive me to build a time machine so I can see the episode sooner. If you have a screener - don't be afraid to share! ;-) Until then, I'll leave you with the most lovely words to leave the lips of Vivien during the episode:

"I swear to Christ, if you are about to diagnose me with post traumatic shock syndrome, I am going to bash your God damned face in!"

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