Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The River is NOT a Found Footage Show!

You can check out my reviews on - I loved the show. I've been waiting for it to air for almost a year. Watching the Twitter stream last night, it was going over quite well. To read the comments on my posts, and those of other reviewers this morning, it was practically hated.

Many comments are that it's a "found footage" series. No, it's not. Is there some found footage included within the series? Yes. But is it a surprise that this footage was found? Hardly. The man was on a television show. Of course there is footage left behind that never aired. It's not like the Paranormal Activity  movies that are strictly based off of home movies of people doing investigations into their own lives. Nothing of the sort.

The camera work was shaky. Yep. It was. Did you know that the actor playing AJ is actually filming? He is. And they are using some of that footage. Because it adds to the reality of the situation playing on the screen. He's right there, in the thick of things. Yes, he may be running. You try running for your life through a thick jungle with a camera on your shoulder and see if you can maintain a steady hand. Feel free to send me your footage and I'll happily post it for you.

"I was waiting for the Smoke Monster to come out," "I was hoping for another Lost." Why? Who ever said this was going to be anything even remotely similar to, let alone a replacement for Lost? Get over it already. Move on LOST IS OVER. And, the ending was crap. Twist and turn it any which way you want but the answers we got during the last two seasons did not tie into the show we signed up for and you will never get a replay on Lost.

This, my friends, is THE RIVER. Watch it for what it is. Fun, schticky entertainment. Not mind bending and puzzle cracking like Fringe, not about a house of ghosts in a limited setting like American Horror Story, and not some mythical never ending search for meaning like Lost. Enjoy it for what it is, stop searching for other shows in this new one and you just might have a little fun in the process.

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  1. I like your web site and this is a well written review. The River is more similar to Lost than I would like. I do like spooky dolls.