Sunday, June 17, 2012

George R.R. Martin: I'm Worried That Game of Thrones Will Catch Up with Me

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This news from George RR Martin isn't good. Not because he doesn't write fast enough. Everyone knew how long it took him to write a book when this whole process started. That didn't stop executive producers D.B. Weiss and David Benioff from propelling the story with rapid fashion in spite of the pace of Martin's writing.

We've covered approximately 1800 pages of text in 20 episodes, with plenty of new material added along the way. Was it necessary to move so fast and consolidate as much as they did? With this very real risk that they may be ending the series without the full intent of it's original author, I think they could have slowed things down a bit.

I'm well aware that I'm in the minority here and most are completely happy with the differences between the series and the books. As a reader, the books are just so much more alive and aware of their worlds and the characters in them that I think it's a shame to change what has worked so well for the reading audience.

It's just my two cents and not worthy of much, but the thought of the series ending before the books are finished just seems wrong, and more importantly, unnecessary. There is enough material to slow the pace, maintain the integrity of the stories and still get the viewers HBO craves. It's already been proven, if they produce it, we will be there.

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