Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Robbie (Don Grady) from My Three Sons Dies

I grew up watching My Three Sons after school. There was something about it that was so comforting and felt like home. A single dad, three brothers, a shaggy dog and a cook was nothing like my family, yet still it tugged at my heart. I can still whistle the whole theme song and will never forget my high school friend Dan Trump, in his knee high laced moccasin boots whisteling the theme song in tenth grade history class...complete with his hands waving back and forth in front of his pivoting feet like they did in the theme. Yes, we got in trouble, but the stifled laughter was worth every minute.

Thanks Don Grady for playing the second oldest son of a family of four. Without you we would have been lost. And damn if he didn't age well and look hot as the years progressed. Amen.

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