Monday, August 27, 2012

Copper: Double Murder, Double Cross

Photo Credit: Screenshot from Copper "Double Murder" BBC America

I admit I was pretty well taken with the premier of Copper last week. I thought it gave a great introduction to the characters, where they fall upon the moral compass of the show and a good amount of insight into their motivations. That's not something I'm normally impressed with in a series premiere, so to do it right out of the box was quite pleasing.

"Double Murder" took us deeper into the lives of our main characters and their struggles by solving some of the more troubling stories introduced last week, and giving them even more reason to interact as the season progresses.

We also had the satisfaction of watching ten year old Annie enact vengeance for all she has suffered in her young life and for that of her lost sister. Seeing a child so what she did should have been disturbing, and yet I knew that her life would be the better for having done it. Justice was done without the burden of a trial or messy mind trips that would have scarred her even further.

But I'm jumping ahead of myself. Copper makes me passionate, so please forgive me if I scoot around.

I was pretty surprised that Haverford was still looking for Annie. Unless I missed it, outside of him being a freak, they didn't make it clear his interest in ten year old girls. She obviously witnessed him killing her sister and wanted her out of the way, but he was clearly going to shag her prior to taking her out once he did find her. One can only hope that Elizabeth fell into an arranged marriage with him, because those two had no business being together.

I rather enjoyed the machinations of Robert behind Haverford's back and giving Elizabeth an opportunity to stick it to her husband. I can't read the exact relationship between Robert and his father, however. Does he truly wish to gain favor with him or was he just trying to ensure Haverford looked like an idiot? Either way, it worked out in the end.

I'm wondering how far out of town Dr. Freeman moved to try to provide Sarah with some sense of security. It would certainly be more convenient if he were closer to what is sure to become his "gang" of sorts, as Corcoran relies upon him and his expertise more than anyone who might be nearby. It was heartbreaking to see Sarah afraid to be in her own home, carrying a pistol, ready to raise it any time she saw a white man riding by. I look forward to seeing her grow and gain some faith in humanity through her husband's dealings with those he served with in the war. She needs to discover what he already knows, you can trust people despite their skin color.

And so we're back to Annie. Her inclusion in the series is brilliant. She brings out the best and the worst in everyone, and it's fairly cut and dry. Those that want to harm her are the bad guys, those that don't are the good guys.

When Corcoran finally gave in to Molly's advances, it never occurred to me his need for her services. Using my hypothesis above, I shouldn't have even questioned why Molly was dropping off Annie at the Contessa's, but for a brief second, I hesitated. Would she really do that to Corcoran? It was only brief, and assuaged by Annie's behavior. She wasn't showing the fear she would have if she hadn't been in on the plan all along.

What a plan it was. Haverford gone, Annie given the chance to wipe herself of any guilt associated with the death of her sister, the erasure of the Contessa and a proper home for Annie in the end. I was wondering how she would remain with the series, and Elizabeth adopting her was the perfect answer.

Finally, we left Kevin Corcoran having visions of his dead daughter. What originated as a morphine hallucination seemed to linger. Will his burdened conscience keep her around? Will he ever discover the fate of his wife? If he finds she, too, has been murdered, just how far down the rabbit hole will he go to ensure justice for Five Points?

I hope you're enjoying Copper. If this is the sign of things to come for BBC America in the realm of original programming, I'm ready to start pumping funds their way. I couldn't have asked for a better first.

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