Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Bones Season Premiere - What's With the Horrid Wig?

Screenshot from video link below
The tagline is "She's been missing for three months and only chemistry can bring her home." But I watch the clip below and feel like she has cancer. What's up with that wig? Certainly she could have found a better one. Yikes!

I do like the "Because you love me," line from Temperance, however. It took them long enough to get together, and ripping them apart so quickly wasn't necessary to keep the show alive in my opinion. I've always been of the ilk that Bones and Booth have enough chemistry to overcome any of the old adages that becoming a couple on screen will kill the show. 

Do you agree? And more importantly, will you be tuning in for the premiere? Duh. Of course you will!! We didn't get nearly enough lovey dovey before they split and true fans are itching for more. Let's see these two get back together and resume their rightful place. Snarking their way through the workplace, in love and yet proving the simple act of being in love doesn't mean doom. Bring it Bones!

Go watch the clippy here:

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