Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Copper "Le Tempete" Review

Not that it matters, but it's my review so I can say what I want. My sister and I haven't talked for months. We finally did and the one thing we had in common, the best thing, was our love of Copper. Frankly, I was shocked that she was watching it, let alone that she had seen the last episode, and it was a great coming together moment for us.

"Le Tempete" was the darkest episode of Copper to date.

I don't even feel as though there is something good that I can say about it, and that is difficult.

Annie is a very frightening little child. Leaving her with Elizabeth Haverford, her inability to see what has become of this ten year old girl, seems to be a grave mistake. No matter what the circumstance, Annie will take it and twist it into Elizabeth's worst nightmare.

Annie is a product of two completely horrid worlds. Not only did she lose the love of her family and her sibling when she was killed, but she was forced to pretend to love grown men for their favor. Did Morehouse lay with her? I doubt we will ever know. The look on his face was certainly suspect, but even if it wasn't, would she really have the sense of mind to understand what it would mean to be with her? I have to hope to God not.

To even imagine a child of ten experiencing sex with the confusion of what they thing love should be at such a young age is more than we in this 21st century can handle. The truth is it wasn't so far in our past that we can erase it, nor should we. Within these past 200 years we have let ten year old women be wed and abused for payment. Our own guilt at this thought is what keeps us from talking about it.

Annie makes us talk about it. She must be saved.

Equally as disturbing this week was what Uncle Marcus did to Sarah Freeman. Please let her history come to us soon. While I don't mind the present coming before the past, we need to know who she was to understand who she is. Her character is owed this.

Francis "engaged" to Mary was completely out of left field. He didn't even take time to mourn for Molly. Even though she was whore, she certainly deserved to be honored if even for only a minute. Kevin was in the right in trying to tell Francis the realities of marriage and that its forever. Just because he wanted to be married forever doesn't mean it's the best choice for him.

I'm concerned that something Francis does in the next few episodes does will be done as a result of his false engagement and will risk everyone we've grown to love.

Yet, that's the best thing about Copper. We never know what's coming next.

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