Sunday, October 7, 2012

BBC One Sets Premiere Date For 'Me And Mrs Jones' - via TVWise

BBC One Sets Premiere Date For 'Me And Mrs Jones':

I'm going to have to try to watch this. Surely it will be as easily available to us in the States as, say, Arrow, Elementary and Chicago Fire are in the UK. NOT. Where there's a will, there's a way, and dammit, I love Sarah Alexander. Watching her juggle all of the men in her life seems like a great concept; almost what Cougar Town set out to do before it was labeled poorly by idiots with 'titleism.' Yes, I made that word up and I'm sticking with it. Expect more usage in the future. that I wrote this, I'm wondering how Elementary will go over "over there." Ha! I feel like I'm talking about an alternate universe in Fringe for crap's sake. But, really. Elementary showing in the country that gave us Sherlock? That will be a really interesting premiere to follow. Jonny will be showing in his home country. Surely that should help, eh Sherlocks?

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