Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Homeland Is Addictive! A Review of State of Independence.

I just can't be quiet about Homeland.

The "State of Independence" was simply spectacular. I have no deep analysis to give, but these are the standout moments for me.

When Jess and Brody finally started to make out and Brody's first reaction was to make it porn style, the way Jess changed the pace was authentic and intimate and almost made me feel as if I was intruding. It was the first time I've felt as though they may actually feel something for each other. That was a very hot scene and cutting it short so abruptly was such a let down! Given the actions from the remainder of the episode, that may be the last chance we had to see what they could have done together. What a shame.

I cannot believe Brody can continue his behavior, running around at the whims of Abu Nazir, forsaking the wishes of the current vice president to run through the woods snapping the necks of people he's attempting to protect for Nazir. He will have to be caught, and not just because the CIA is looking into him. He's a public figure now. How long until someone spots him some place he isn't supposed to be, and with unsavory company to boot? He's a war hero. His face has been plastered everywhere. I don't imagine anyone wouldn't recognize him. He's not being smart, and that's what could get him killed.

Carrie showed how easily a bipolar brain can be tipped based upon the actions of others. She went from riding high after finishing her report to a suicide attempt when they carried on the meeting based upon her findings without her, and gently reminded her that she wasn't getting her job back.

Of course, that was before Saul came back to town with the bombshell evidence. Why in the hell didn't Brody destroy that video? How is there a copy? What's funny is that not only did Brody manage to convince the CIA that one of their greatest agents was a complete nutter in accusing him of being a terrorist, he did the same to the viewers, many who came into season two still wondering whether he was or was not a domestic terrorist.

It's pretty clear now, isn't it? He's completely of the rails. The CIA will now have to suck lemons and admit Carrie back to the CIA. I doubt they will do it with the fanfare necessary to make me feel better about it, but she doesn't need reinforcement to jump back in head first. She is the job. She loves her country and will put her own life on the line every time if it means she might make a difference to the safety of our citizens.  She's so amazingly written, that you can't help but take her side.

Finally, Morena Baccarin stole the show. Not only during that uber sexy scene noted above, but at the dinner. She did, as Mike said, kick ass with her speech. She found some strength and pulled out a win. she also failed to back down when Brody showed up with his smart-ass comments at the end of the night. Now we know she doesn't believe Brody, and it will be interesting to see if she starts to keep a closer eye on his activities.

That's about it. That's a hell of a lot more good television than you get with 90% of the other programs on the tube, isn't it?

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