Monday, October 29, 2012

Walking Dead - How's About A Hug for Old Merle?

I haven't even finished watching The Walking Dead yet (duh, you can see where I am from the awesome screen capture above), but I just had to ask...was I the only one who thought this was a groovy little nod to none other than Ash from Evil Dead?? What the hell else would Merle do with his stumpy arm? Create a lovely little Zombie killing machine, of course! Ahhh...Such lovely memories.

What is up with Andrea? Before she was lost and left for dead, she was kind of becoming a hard ass, but now she's become a little soft. She fainted at seeing Merle? That just seemed out of character to me. Well, at least the Andrea I knew way back when. This new Andrea who is taken care of by Michonne, much like the pet zombies Michonne is so fond of (until they need their heads chopped off) is completely new to me. I found it interesting how Michonne and Andrea seemed to switch power positions once inside Woodbury. Michonne was completely at odds inside of a structured society, whereas Andrea began to find herself again. 

Speaking of those pet zombies, what did I miss while I was multitasking (yes, I'm guilty of doing that while watching show and then having the nerve to blabber about them on the interweb...but only when I'm not being paid!)? Why were they chained up and dragged along anyway? Did they somehow keep other zombies away? As usual, I'm one of the freaks that felt sorry for them. Armless, jawless, useless, bumbling creatures who unwittingly ended up in that shitty position just because they died.  They crap of it is everyone who dies will end up one with some sort of effective method of death to keep them from coming back to life.

Who decided a town leader should be called The Governor? Not Mayor or official or any other number of things that would be more fitting than what was deemed appropriate for an entire state in the not-so-distant past. Call me crazy, but I'm a sucker for tradition. 

Who the hell was the guy, anyway? (Andrea's gonna find out from his dogtags, I just know it!) What made him kill everyone connected to Wells? Was it to ensure nobody would track them to Woodbury? I guess a part of their survival is their anonymity. If they aren't ghosts, they're likely to be infected. The track record so far spoke pretty highly of his unorthodox methods, even if it meant killing living people when there are so few left in the world (at least as far as we can see...across the ocean? Who knows? Or do we, and I missed THAT multitasking, too??) I do know one thing. Lying to your constituents is never a good thing, and it will come back to bit him in the ass. Maybe quite literally.

Showing up on a second Sunday night hit show (this one by far the more successful) was Dallas Roberts as Milton, who seems to be doing experiments on the zombies in Woodbury. His other Sunday gig is as Owen Cavanaugh, Alicia Florrick's brother on The Good Wife. Too bad he hasn't been the guest star this season instead of Kalinda's annoying husband. But, wrong show. Kudos for snatching a role on the devastatingly successful The Walking Dead instead. Bravo!

The introduction of Woodbury gave me a distinctive Jericho feel. Was it filmed on the same lot with only a minor restructure, or am I thirsting (no pun intended) so much for a revival of that show that I'll grasp at any straw for a nice long schlurp? The streets were wider, but that vibe...

As for The Governor's Halloween display in his apartment? Nice. He goes all out for the holiday, doesn't he?

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