Monday, October 29, 2012

Homeland: Who Was Issa?

Yeah, that question could have been what tripped him up. But despite his pointed face-aimed exclamations at the camera that Carrie was a nut-ball, he had just a little trouble holding back his O-face when Peter opened his super-duper tuff laptop (every notice as soon as we little people go for the super slim lightweight crap, the spies go for the hearty, can't break if you toss it crap?) and started playing the video Saul discovered. Uh oh.

Did Peter have the stuff to interrogate Brody? Oh yeah. And more. He broke him, got information on Issa, made him cry and then impaled his hand on the table with a pocket knife. Check this scream out to see if you think Brody was faking the pain.


I wish I felt sorry for him, even a little bit, like because he was in a war we shouldn't have been in or he was captured and tortured, but I didn't. He betrayed his country, so he betrayed us. U.S. No matter the fact that it's pretend, I still don't want any U.S. soldier betraying my country, no matter how much I want to scream to the rafters that it's a bunch of crap and we deserve better. I'd like to think I wouldn't (I doubt that to be true...note I only said I'd like to think I wouldn't betray my people).

That's why I have so much respect for the character of Carrie. Even with everything she's been through, she keeps fighting for what she believes is right. Her country kind of betrayed her by not believing in her and tossing her into a nuthouse, but her foundation remained true. That's amazing.

How she questioned Brody about the suicide tape, and if it was tossed in the trash how it possibly ended up in a Hezbollah's commuter's house in Beirut. To think, we always thought our trash floated out to sea. See how wrong we were?!

"I know that you think that he was kind to you, that he saved you. But the truth is, he systematically pulled you apart, Brody piece by piece, until there was nothing left but pain. And then he relieved the pain and he put you back together again as someone else. He gave you a boy to love, and then that other monster, Walden, took that boy away. Between the two of them, they made your life a misery. Wouldn't it be a relief to stop lying?"

Was that not one of the most inspired pieces of writing we've heard on Homeland? Followed by her proclamation of love to Brody, and telling him he was a good man, only to have him repeat, again, that he wasn't wearing a vest. I would love to see flashbacks to the scenes that finally turned Brody against his country. What he underwent must have been absolutely atrocious.

But Carrie? She was beyond good. If she wasn't bipolar, and we didn't see her fall apart and get treatments, I'd wonder whether she was telling the truth when she spoke with Brody. The way she could go from tears back to actively questioning Brody, and getting answers was simply amazing. Claire Danes and Damian Lewis knocked that scene so far out of the park they would have beaten the Giants four game sweep. SHUT UP!

Last week it was my belief that Brody would end up right back where he started. As a spy for the other side.  If he actually goes through with it, he's back on our side, spying on Nazir in return for immunity against the charges and guaranteed prison sentence for his traitorism. If he thought the stakes were high being a spy against his own country, trying to fool the likes of Nazir, a man who doesn't give second chances, will be a damned nightmare. He's going to have to tread very lightly and carry a very big stick to make this work.

Given the touch from Brody at Carrie's suggestion they use their "affair" as cover with his Nazir contact, that cover won't take long to be more than a mere cover. Where will that leave Brody and Jess? She always gets the short end of that very big stick.

In last week's TV Fanatic Round Table, a question was which boy was better for Dana. My answer was that the boys better run as far as they can from Dana. Seems I was right again. Her desire for "a little fun" ended with Finn mowing down someone on a deserted street. That should play out well, right?

PS - Carrie, just pour more wine into that big glass and you won't have to tip the bottle so many times. Just another helpful hint from ModwildTV!

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