Monday, October 22, 2012

Homeland - Thoughts on Bury the Hatchet

When a television show refuses to play by the rules, we get the ultimate in entertainment. On a night when we had one character literally burying a hatchet (Rick Grimes on The Walking Dead), we had the arrogant Nick Brody trying to do the same with our battered heroine Carrie on Homeland. Poor Brody never knew what hit him.

On another program, we'd still be fighting through the damage done to Carrie's reputation by her breakdown last season when she was caught being bipolar. Like she had committed the worst of the two crimes, mental illness got her locked up with bi-weekly ECT treatments, while domestic terrorist Nicholas Brody was acclaimed and made congressman. Too bad we can't just toss it off with an "only on television" remark. Somehow, I'd venture to guess this would be more than likely the way it would go down in real life.

In these times of political correctness, it's more of a sin to label someone as a terrorist than it is to out someone's medical history, even when the government has put into law HIPAA to ensure privacy for all healthcare matters. She's a nutter! Good God, working for our government? Lock 'er up!

Mr. Brody is being accused of terrorism? Our damned government. Always with the allegations! He has the right to ..... ack. Whatever. 

The brilliant part of what happened was we weren't subjected to overdrawn episodes forcing what happened to Carrie down our throats, and once she came back to us, she was strong and certain of what needed to be done. Not about to let what happened previously recur, she ignored all advice to the contrary and outed Brody when she felt he made her during their meeting.

The facial expressions that flooded Brody during that confrontation were so telling. He wanted to be angry, but he knew he was caught. He looked around the room, wondering who else was listening and what they had heard. Before he had a chance to even register an answer to one of his questions, the door slammed open, he was thrust to the floor and his head was bagged.

Ordinarily, I'd wonder where in the hell this would lead, but I foresee Brody right back where he started. Forced to decide on what side he wants to work. Where his loyalties lie and for whom he wants to stand. Once he was talked into turning on his country. Will he be as easily turned on his new allegiance to Abu Nazir? Will the fate of his own family do as much to shape his future as did the fate of Issa? 

That's just my guess on a possible path to investigate. As Homeland has proven, they have plenty of tricks up their sleeves and guessing is just that. But damn it's entertaining and a great task for the brain.

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