Tuesday, October 30, 2012

TEASE: Spoiler! Who Dies on The Walking Dead 3.04 "Killer Within" TVOvermind

It says spoiler for a reason, and my friend Jon ain't playin' games kids. I'm not going to ruin his Halloween fun by taking away his moment in the sun, but wanted to put a barrier between you Dead Heads and what lies ahead just to make sure you don't come back and bit me in the ass saying I didn't give you plenty of notice of what's to come. Because what's to come is GREAT BIG GIANT NEWS delivered in very plain words.

Mark mine, heed my warning. Be all scared because it's Halloween. Then, if it gets the better of you as it did me,  get your ass over to this link and read the article to see what all the fuss will be about on Sunday night. Play guess the ratings. THAT should be fun!

Spoiler! Who Dies on The Walking Dead 3.04 "Killer Within" TVOvermind:

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  1. I'm not at all bummed about these deaths... One character has been around way too long doing nada and the other is true to the comic (though the circumstance is very different). Now I seriously can not wait for Sunday!!! OMFG thanks for the spoilerage ;)